Mathematics and physics

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Mathematics and physics

Hello all,

I just recently found out about this wonderful project. I'm sure you've all felt as homeless as I have after the death of City of Heroes. From what I've read most if not all of this project has been driven by volunteer effort and I would like to lend a hand if it is needed. I'm not entirely sure if this is the proper place to post this, if it's not I appologize.

My areas of expertise are mostly in computational sciences and I believe I could be of service to engine development with regards to physics/mechanics/dynamics, etc...

Below is a copy pasta of my resume less where I currently work and have worked for privacy reasons.


My expertise includes: Numerical Analysis, Non-linear Systems, Smart Grids, Differential Modelling, Spectral Codes, Digital Controls, Finite Element Analysis, Scientific Visualization, Systems Analysis, Renewable Energy, Power Generation, and Graph/Network Theory.


Associates Degree in Book Keeping Central New Mexico Community College
Collegiate Honors - 3.50 GPA

Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering University of New Mexico
Cum Laude Honors - 3.51 GPA

Bachelors of Science in Applied Mathematics University of New Mexico
Cum Laude Honors - 3.53 GPA

Doctor of Philosophy in Physics (Omitted for privacy)
(Expected 12/2015)

Computer Experience

Five years of experience in working with computer programming specifically in Fortran, C, C++, Java, MATLAB, Mathematica, Maple, and Octave.

Software Experience

Ten years of experience with using all major production suites such as Microsoft Office. Four years of experience using Pro-Engineer, AutoCAD, Paraview, and LaTeX.

Scholastic Honors

Honors Societies
Phi Theta Kappa – National Honors Society

Scholarships and Grants
William Ullom Scholarship
Randy Wilt Scholarship
National Science Foundation Scholarship
National Science Foundation Research Grant
Mentoring through Critical Transition Points Grant

Research, Conferences, and Current Publications
Undergraduate Honors Thesis in Chaotic Systems – Mathematics
Undergraduate Honors Thesis in Smart Grids – Mechanical Engineering
Presented research at the SUnMaRC Conference in Tucson
Presented research in Smart Grids at UNM SUnMaRC
Civic Engagement Leadership Institute
Conference publication, Analysis of the Stability of a Smart Grid’s Market Dynamics

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Go Lobos! Woof!

Go Lobos! Woof!

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Dutch0524 wrote:
Dutch0524 wrote:

Go Lobos! Woof!

Haha, go Lobos indeed!