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market ambience, and affects on moral alignment

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market ambience, and affects on moral alignment

1. as a baddie, i expect to goto some dive, or dump, open a secret door, go past a guard or two, into a swanky palace with a auction atmosphere. not the back of some truck.

2. some things should not be traded on some markets. some things should take a hit on your ingame moral compass meter if listed to sell on evilbay. some things will only be able to be stolen or bought in small quanties from the black market villainside.

one should be able to access either market if one has invested enough in various ways. even if the trick only works once or twice.

i would also like a mission to rob either market of one item of choice.

yes, but this mission would be so hard, the devs would think it is not quite possible after some testing, just close enough to possible that if the perfect team were to try a taskforce to do so, they would fail by just enough to be livid.

comments? should the black market be more than a overgrown fast-food truck? should loot and vendors/fence be able to affect your good/evil nature? should even a suicide taskforce be allowed to exist to rob a market?

What a man thinks of himself, that is what determines, or rather indicates, his fate. - Henry David Thoreau

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For what it is worth, I

For what it is worth, I thought the black market operating out of something mobile like a tractor-trailer made a lot of sense, even if its location was static in the game. Frankly, I'd be fine if the market didn't even exist beyond a window that I open when buying/selling. The last thing I want to worry about the market is whether selling an item will effect the moral compass of my character. The market is not really part of the world of CoT, it is a part of our world, the players trading with each other not the individual characters..

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hmm.. would you ming

hmm.. would you ming defeating an AV and grabbing the Fibrose Egg and when you try and sell it to a Contact in a Pawn shop... Titan PD offices show up with a task force to arrest you? :)

Of course you would get away, but its part of the lore to advance the story Arc to the next mission? ;D

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some items might have

some items might have tracking devices on them? have to unload them fast? if not used in a invention, it keeps pinging it's location to the coppers? if left on market long enough, and not bought, it gets nabbed forever by police?

heroes selling a box of alien babies on the market for experiments?

after defeating a baddie, and getting his big toy, instead of giving it to the police, his fence calls you on your phone, and offers you a payment, instead of a mission finish?

loot could be far better than expected, or dangerous as hell.

let me count the possibilities.........

What a man thinks of himself, that is what determines, or rather indicates, his fate. - Henry David Thoreau