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Making my very first comic to submit... advice?

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The Hybrid
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Making my very first comic to submit... advice?

For a while I've been planning out a comic series and now I've put pen to paper (or rather, fingers to keyboard) and began writing the scripts to it. I've been doing a lot of planning, and I have a good idea of where I'm going. I've written out the scripts for the first six issues and I'm going to find and hire an artist to draw them out. I'd say so far so good.

I thought I'd turn here for advice, I guess I didn't know where else to ask at the moment.

This series is about superheroes, and it has an emphasis on both worldbuilding and character-driven storytelling. I feel like there's an opening for a new, creator-owned and original superhero comic on the market, and if I release it sooner than later, I'll find the perfect timing for it.

My ideal publisher is Image, but I've heard about how hard it was to get published by them if you're new with no prior credits (which is sadly my current status). I know some newcomers have gotten published by Image by way of getting "In" with someone there, a recommendation if you will, and being paired with an established person certainly helps. What I need most is a publisher who will let me own what I write, and won't be squeamish about it being about superheroes (I know indie publishers often seek non-superhero work). If I can't find any publisher that works, I'll publish it as a webcomic and hopefully build up a good following, and then pitch it to Image using that as leverage. If not them, I hope to find someone. Sadly, DC closed down Vertigo after their relaunch flopped so they currently have no creator-owned line.

At least, that's my plan. I'm not sure how good it is, but it's all I've got at the moment. I'd like to see if anyone here has advice for an aspiring writer, as I know some are here.

What advice would you give to a comic writer trying to make it in with a story they hold dear?


Cobalt Azurean
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The Hybrid wrote:
The Hybrid wrote:

What advice would you give to a comic writer trying to make it in with a story they hold dear?

I would give this advice to a writer of any kind: find a good friend/family member who will give you honest feedback. A lot of times I've found that friends and family tend to read the thing through rose-colored glasses and not be critical, even if the face of something glaringly obvious. Say, for example, poor spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. All of which were completely glossed over by previous readers. Except by me. Which also leads me to my next suggestion.
I soon learned that there are those that actually want feedback and then there are others that just want someone to tell them that they've done a good job. I understand that, as you mentioned, it is a story that you hold dear but don't let that keep you from receiving feedback/criticism that could make your story actually better in the end, either by adding depth or breadth or what have you.

Good luck and good journey.

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My suggestion is to look

My suggestion is to look beyond family and friends. Look for resources or groups that share the same interest/goals. Family and friends can sometimes be too critical for no reason other than just to give you a hard time. Or dont take your request for feedback seriously or seem uninterested.


Graphic Designer

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I'd suggest getting in

I'd suggest getting in contact with a local writers group. I've found there's usually one that operates out of the local library. While they generally tend to go for literature rather than comics, the mediums are still thoroughly related.

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All of the above suggestions

All of the above suggestions are really good suggestions (And I didn't know about Halae's suggestion. Thanks, Halae!). But while it is assumed to be obvious, I'll state this anyway because it helps me immensely: Make sure that while you get good, solid critics, you ALSO have some people who throw positive feedback. Sure, it is bad to have nothing but positive feedback without any critique, but for me (and many artists/writers who would have been), it is worse to have NO positive feedback at all. So make sure you do not shun the positive while you seek out honest critique.

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I'd like to add that a Lack

I'd like to add that a Lack of feedback IS feedback, of a sort. Often, it means you are not asking the right questions, or not asking the right people, or both!

Be Well!