Make donations count towards backer rewards

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Make donations count towards backer rewards

For example, I donated during Kickstarter for at the "Fly Free" level. I have the option to upgrade to Dynamic duo for $50. I think something that would encourage donation would be if, for example, I donated $10, then anytime afterwards, I could upgrade for $40. The donation tracker already tracks how much you've donated, so why not use that for tier rewards?

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I considered this when

I considered this when designing the site, and rejected the feature due to complexity. I’m trying to avoid making a banking site.

The donation form was a last-minute thing; hardly anyone has used it. It’s just there to emulate how, in Kickstarter, you can donate a larger amount than your reward tier requires.

And our payment processors apparently care if something is a donation or not (it’s a flag on the api). So I have to keep them separate. IIRC the couple of times someone put $50 in the donation box by accident, I had to refund that so they could redo it correctly as a tier purchase.

My recommendation is that, if you have $10 now and might want to add $40 later to get the $50 tier, please keep the $10 in your own bank account until you get the other $40.

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