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Loss of Net Neutrality and Indie MMORPGs - How Will We Be Affected?

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Airhead wrote:
Airhead wrote:

That would be lowercase apartheid then. I do not believe the International Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (a key but not only reference to apartheid in international law) is ratified by my local genocidal country. I acknowledge the law exists but "accepted by every country in the world" is just rhetoric.

After years of referencing the South African governmental system a habit of using a capital 'A' formed when talking about apartheid. I am sorry if that capital 'A' confused you to the point where you were unable to discern that my referencing apartheid in a conversation about international law was about the lowercase and not capital 'A'. The International Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination is largely an investigative and advisory treaty that UN members can enter into voluntarily. The Customary international law that declares apartheid to be a crime against humanity is (when I last looked) still under the jurisdiction of the ICC in the Netherlands.

If your a nation in the UN you have accepted these laws without exception. If you are one of the two observer or 6 other nations then you are still accountable to these laws without exception.

It seems like you have taken issue with my use of the term 'accepted'. I can explain why it was correct when I first used it and the evolution of it's perversion if you like but a more expedient solution would be to simply offer different language. Instead of 'accepted' how about we agree that it is 100% applicable?

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Brand X wrote:
Brand X wrote:

All practiced in various countries. Perhaps not the UN countries, but we said international law and 100% of the countries.

The practice of an act does not make it legal.

We didn't say 100% of the countries, you did. I was discussing UN membership which requires an agreement (acceptance) of these laws.

I have said it before, International law is far too complex a topic to tackle in a forum setting. The amount of effort it requires to be sufficiently extensive in the topic makes it prohibitive to discuss without constant miscommunication and misunderstandings.

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Thanks. We both agree 100%

Thanks. We both agree 100% acceptance is rhetorical (even legal) but not reality. That was my point.

Kudos though to the folks writing, judging and enforcing international laws, they still make a huge difference in most places. May they soon help the Rohingyas.

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Ok guys, this has gone far

Ok guys, this has gone far beyond the initial topic, and dived into toxic territory. I think I'll lock the thread for the holidays, then see if we can behave from there.

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