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Please read the current update for instructions on downloading the latest update. Players with Mac versions of the game will not be affected, but you will have a slightly longer wait for your version of the new maps. Please make a copy of your character folder before running the new update, just to make sure you don't lose any of your custom work.

It looks like we can give everyone a list of minimum specs for running City of Titans. Please keep in mind that this is 'for now' until we are able to add more graphics and other system refinements. Currently you will need :
Windows 10 or later required; no Intel integrated graphics like UHD, must have AMD or NVIDIA card or discrete chipset with 4Gb or more of VRAM
At least 16GB of main DRAM.
These stats may change as we continue to test.

To purchase your copy of the City of Titans Launcher, visit our store at A purchase of $50 or more will give you a link to download the Launcher for Windows or Mac based machines.


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Seeing as how we only have a Windows version to begin with, and I want in on this as soon as I can get it, I've jumped in with both feet, with the usual routine of trying to bend this avatar builder to my will and make it work on my Linux box! If you're also interested in this, please give it a look and pitch in with any input that might help me or any other readers to break through!

Here are the steps I've taken, the results, and the fixes (where applicable)…

- Downloaded the .zip file from the MWM Store, and unpacked it.
- Made sure my Wine, video drivers, and Winetricks installations were updated.
- Created a fresh Wineprefix for City of Titans to live in! (My default is 64 bit. Your mileage may vary.) All commands are done within a command line environment -- xterm or konsole, for example…
WINEPREFIX=/home/{user}/.wineCoT wineboot

- Made sure that Wine would funtion as at *least* Windows 7, useing winecfg. (I encountered an "Uncooked" GLSL error when first running the Launcher. This fixed that error for me.)
env WINEPREFIX=/home/{user}/.wineCoT winecfg

- Ran the installer from within its directory, using the new Wineprefix. I encountered no problems running the installer. Make sure you're in the installed directory, wherever you unpacked it.
env WINEPREFIX=/home/{user}/.wineCoT CoTinstaller.exe

- Changed to the now installed game directory, and ran the Launcher. If you didn't make any changes during installation, this directory is at /home/{user}/.wineCoTTest/drive_c/Games/Missing Worlds Media/City Of Titans/
env WINEPREFIX=/home/{user}/.wineCoT Launcher.exe

- Here, I encountered the error:
0009:err:module:import_dll Library mfc140u.dll

- To resolve this, I used Winetricks to install vcrun2015.
env WINEPREFIX=~/.wineCoT winetricks vcrun2015

- After this, the Launcher worked just fine. I clicked the "Patch" button, and waited while it downloaded.
- Once the download was complete I clicked "Play" and started things right up!

Except there is still a major problem. While the avatar builder launches and loads just fine, it does not render my character at all! There are GL shader issues, and so far, I haven't been able to find a fix, either online, or by fishing around the various d3d and DirectX options within Winetricks.

So this is where I am stuck, and need help, with either suggestions as to what to try or where to look! I appreciate all the help I can get!


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Which distro and GPU are you

Which distro and GPU are you running? Let me see if I can reproduce this.

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OpenSuse 42.3

OpenSuse 42.3
Nvidia GeForce GTX 960
Nvidia driver 390.129

My OS and hardware are a little out of date. I'm really hoping that isn't a major factor. ^.^;
And, sorry for the delayed response!
I've got other machines. Now I think about it, I'll play around on those as well…


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I also had the same problem.

I also had the same problem. Help me.
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