Link MwM and CoT sites pls.

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Link MwM and CoT sites pls.

I can't see any link to go from the CoT site to the MWM site.
The MWM site has a ton of info and whilst it links forward via the "forums" link on the navbar, nothing points back to MWM.

Speaking of forums, on the About page, the Read More button links to the old forums as does the Continue Reading link at the bottom of the page as do the Join Us Now and Projects in Planning links on the home page

There's no links back to the Titan Network.
Yet they form the basis of our superhero community
There were links on the old forums but they are not being used.

The blog could have more links on it, just saying.

You can go from MWM to Twitter and Facebook, the Facebook leads you to CoT and Kickstarter.
Kickstarter has a link to CoT but not to MWM that I can see.

Needs a bit of work to join it all up.

If people won't pay enough to finance its creation, it is not worth creating.

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This is being worked on the

This is being worked on the last I checked, but I'll pass the reminder along to the team.