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Leveling Paths

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Leveling Paths

If avaidable, what do we have planned for leveling paths, how much is set it stone...any in particular you want to tease us with? :)

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Same question, also how much

Same question, also how much can we customize?

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Essentially, how much content

Essentially, how much content do you plan to have, and will we have to do *everything* out there to just hit the level cap, or will there be enough for players skip out on stuff and just by running content once (ignoring any events that crop up in between) one line of content still be able to hit level cap AND still have content left over that we can do.


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I just asked this question in

I just asked this question in the dev chat, and what was said was for the "at launch" state was "Let's say tons of content to level cap, whatever that level cap is.."

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This sounds really

This sounds really interesting and exciting, it is annoying that the game is not coming about before 2015! - however, I understand how much time an MMO requires to do well in the MMO market, but I hope CoT take into consideration that they have already got a large appeal from the old CoH audience.