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Lenses to help Color Blind individuals.

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Lenses to help Color Blind individuals.

Hi all,

I found this article today and I wanted to share. I know some in our community are color blind and it seems like these lenses could make a whole lot of difference for them.

I'm not color blind, but I'd love to hear thoughts from the community, especially from those with color blind issues.

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Yeah there have been several

Yeah there have been several different companies and/or research groups making progress in this area over the last few years. The costs for the technology involved keep coming down and I'd expect in a few more years pretty much everyone will be able to afford some version of color blindness correction if they want it.
As far as CoT goes it still might be a bit too early to assume everyone who wants to play this game will have access to third party color blindness correction. I understand the Devs of CoT are planning their GUIs around the needs of those people who deal with these types of vision issues and I'm sure it'll be satisfactory.

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