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Lens flair graphical issue

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Lens flair graphical issue

I am seeing an issue in the costume editor where lens flair off a reflective costume part can cause the whole scene behind the UI to glitch out. It goes all white, with either flat black or tinted low resolution lens flare. Only happens at certain angles but it's very noticeable.


Game version: Windows
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070
Steps to reproduce:
1. Open character creator
2. Equip a part with reflective material
3. Rotate character to cause lens flair off the costume part
4. If nothing happens, try hovering over colors in the selector for that part while the lens flair is prominent

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That's an interesting bug you

That's an interesting bug you have there. Didn't we all collectively decide lens flares were bad after JJ "lens flare" Abrams ruined the Star Trek movies with them? ;)

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Fortunately the lens flare

Fortunately the lens flare can be turned off in the Graphics options panel, under "Advanced"

I can reproduce the positional setup of the lens flair bug on my AMD GPU-equipped MacBook, and the result is identical on both Mac OS and Windows. However, it doesn't render like the bug; It's just regular, annoying sort of lens flare rather than the washout and the blocky boundary effect.

Can we get a screenshot of the upper part of the graphics settings pane (ESC key, Options, Graphics), please? Maybe it's running in a reduced graphics mode of some sort that's causing this. Or it may be a problem specific to the NVIDIA driver or card you're using.


Tech Team

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Thanks for the tip on how to

Thanks for the tip on how to eliminate lens flair!!!

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Here is a screenshot of the

Here is a screenshot of the graphics settings.


After looking into it more, it's not happening on the latest NVIDIA driver, so I'm going to call graphics drivers the root cause.

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I saw. Thanks for your

I saw. Thanks for your support.
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