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The Legacy of Drosselmeyer

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The Legacy of Drosselmeyer

"Audio Journal of William Steward: August 19th, 2013."

"I have been lied to. The papers my father left upon his death have lead me here, a hidden sub-basement in an abandoned building, filled with machinery and schematics. The designs are primitive, but ingenious, far beyond their time. In them I can see elements of Steward Industries' earliest creations, but those are merely cheap imitations, lacking the inspiration of the original designs."

"I have seen this technology before, in old film reels and newspaper clippings and museum exhibits. The name still lingers on my tongue, even though I am far too young to remember it. Drosselmeyer. The Mad Toymaker. Theodore Hoffmann. My Grandfather."

"My father did his best to keep it secret, even from me. He destroyed all records of his birth name to escape my grandfather's legacy. Hypocrisy, plain and simple. He abandoned my grandfather's name, then founded a company on his technology? He fears the destruction my grandfather's weapons wrought, then sells them to all the nations of the world? Hypocrisy, corruption, and lies."

"My father's life was a lie. Even his name, Steward, is a cheap English imitation of the German Hoffmann. His company is founded on lies, both in the technology he stole and in its central tenet: that by selling death we can somehow bring peace. Merely a convenient coincidence if it lines the pockets of the board of directors.”

“Greedy fools, all of them. I came to them with a new vision for the company, one capable of bringing actual good to the world instead of feeding the old systems of power and oppression, and they threw it in my face. They are all the corrupt fruit of the corrupt tree planted by my father, I see that now.”

“My vision of changing the world from within were the petty self-delusions of a child. I must break the old systems, melt them down and reforge them in my vision. I must act as a lone agent of change and order, a pure beacon of unified will. I must follow my grandfather's legacy, not my father's. I must become Drosselmeyer.”

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In the third paragraph, it

In the third paragraph, it was a little weird to read "hypocrisy, _________ & _________" twice in just a couple sentences, other than that I have no quarrels , I liked it.

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