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Lady Nova, an origin

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Lady Nova, an origin

Real Name: Sarah Holt
Race: Human *Mutate*
Nationality: American
Occupation: Superheroine and Chief Medical Officer of Titan General ((Placeholder for an official hospital...if that is alright?))
Powers and Abilities:Containing the condensed energy of a supernova within her cells, Sarah is able to manipulate energy in a variety of manners, such as blasts, beams, various energy constructs, shields, etc.

Origin: Sarah Holt, a wealthy and prominent physician at Titan General, was tired of being an ordinary citizen, while helping the victims of the extraordinary and dangerous events surrounding Titan City's finest heroes, and most sinister villains. After becoming the Chief Medical Officer of Titan General, but still unsatisfied, she considered quitting altogether, fed up with seeing the city she served torn apart by it's protector's and destroyers.

This changed however when one of these said confrontations occurred in front of the Hospital, with civilians injured left and right, Sarah, not about to let people die on her watch, entered the chaos unprotected, determined to help. Escorting some of the injured to safety, and treating the wounds of others, she noticed too late as the attacking villain, annoyed by her meddling, tossed a car towards her and a man she was intent on saving, pinning them under steel and rubble.

As she and the man both lay there, dying, she thought about all the people she couldnt help...and almost gave up....not before the man, lifting the car with unseen strength, uttered the words, 'Today is not your day, your heart is pure, unlike others, be blessed and free' before touching her forehead, disappearing in a flash of white light. In that instant, Sarah was suddenly bombarded with similar energy, absorbing it into her cells, also suddenly aware that the man in question was a frustrated energy being, who after settling on Earth, began to lose faith in humanity, until he witnessed her actions, and instead of letting his abilities die with him, he passed them onto her, as thanks. Wielding the energy of a supernova, surrounded in white light, Sarah drove off the attacking villain, and upon recovering from her ordeal, took the mantle of Lady Nova, and now aids her sacred city, both by helping the injured and oppressed on the civilian and heroic front, in a city of Titans.