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Kusanagi - Need help developing villain backstory

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The Hybrid
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Kusanagi - Need help developing villain backstory

I have a female villain in City of Titans called Kusanagi. She's a female villain in her late twenties who uses a divine sword called the Kusanagi, hence her name. The most I've come up with regarding her backstory was that she was born to Japanese yakuza boss and a French mistress, and she came to Titan City to fulfill her family's legacy. But that's about it. I could use help fleshing out the character, and bounce ideas off of others. Any suggestions are welcome, thanks.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Yakuza pretty darn isolationist when it comes to foreigners being let into their family, I think. In which case a half French person wouldn't really be allowed to have any serious pull. They're also highly patriarchal, with the bosses always, and I mean ALWAYS being men, and she's a she.

So maybe instead of her continuing the legacy, she creates a new one, like a splinter group. A new more diverse group built around the basic model of the yakuza in terms of hierarchy, but with drastically different rules regarding who can lead and be admitted.

This would put her directly at odds with traditional Yakuza, and they'd be royally pissed if their magical sword was "stolen" by her. I put stolen in quotations because any good magical relic should choose its wielder. It would be impossible to steal, and would truly be hers, but they would likely say she stole it anyway in an attempt to delegitimize her. The illegitimate heir takes their most sacred relic and starts a new family, taking a big chunk of their US assets with her... that would create an all-out crime syndicate war.

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Maybe capitalizing on

Maybe capitalizing on BiotopeZ's idea:

Misbegotten offspring of a Yakuza mistress wants to join and proves she has the skills after grueling test upon grueling test. Finally, all their excuses depleted, the boss decides to tell her to obtain the Imperial Regalia of Japan. And lo, she does. The has the mirror, the Jewel and the Sword.

Now, in order to save face, the Yakuza tries to kill her. She, of course, has plans of her own and moves to Titan City to start her own branch.

Potential Titans:
Trap Spider - the little spider rides a big robot
Thunderbird Priest - conduit of the Thunderbird spirit
Lovebot - programmed to love man, gives tough love to mankind
Schwarzchild - singularity-manipulating time traveller is lost

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Wouldn't the Five Dragons

Wouldn't the Five Dragons have issues with this? They might want her to join them.

Be Well!

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These are pretty good

These are pretty good suggestions. I have a more fleshed-out backstory now, here it is:

Mirai Amélie Kojima was born in Tokyo, Japan as the daughter of yakuza boss Kazuo Kojima, and French mistress Cécile Dumont, out of wedlock. As one of four children, and the only female, she was expected to be a lady and not a fighter, and in particular her half-blooded nature made it difficult for an otherwise isolationist clan to be taken seriously. Her full-blooded Japanese male siblings were trained to be fighters and leaders of the yakuza known as the Kojima-gumi, in particular the eldest son Gaku was supposed to be the wielder of the clan's treasure, the Kusanagi. She wasn't going to let her circumstances stop her, however. Mirai trained extensively in secret by her uncle Akio, who had taken a liking to her as her caregiver, to be a powerful fighter should she need to be.

However, when she was close to the Kusanagi one day, something happened. The magical sword chose Mirai, instead of Gaku, to be its wielder. Gaku couldn't get the sword to work, but she could, for she was far more motivated to be strong than he was. This in turn created dissent within the clan, as the rightful heir he should be able to use the Kusanagi. Gaku decided to assassinate Mirai, and lead an attack on her home. However, she escaped while Akio ended up dying while holding off the forces. On the run, she seized the Kusanagi, and made it her goal to start anew in another place. But not before getting revenge. Mirai returned the favor, and murdered Gaku with the sword he so desperately wanted.

After escaping Japan, Mirai set up in Titan City, and used the power of the Kusanagi to become a force in the criminal underworld. She started her own splinter faction in the US city, one not based on race or sex, but rather strength and loyalty. Allowing anyone of any type into her organization, Mirai became known by the name of the sword she wields: Kusanagi.


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