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Kickstarter Desktop Background: News!

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Kickstarter Desktop Background: News!

Hey, folks! It’s Warcabbit here with a fulfilment of a promise.

I like to think of it as a sample of what’s to come.

We did say everyone who donated at the $5 level or above would get a desktop background, and we sure suggested we’d do it in February.

Well, we didn’t. We were hoping we could get you some nice screenshots of in-game work, some beautiful cityscapes...

Wow, were we naive back then. I swear, we’ve built more things and taken them back apart than you really want to imagine. The good news is that we’re getting really good at analyzing topographic maps… but those just aren’t pretty.

So, we’ve collected some of our more interesting concept art, set them to good backgrounds, and bundled them together in a whole bunch of resolutions, both as jpg and png.

What more could you ask for?

I’m still expecting us to punch out some more backgrounds as the game proceeds. But for now, let’s see what we’ve got for you.

A bunch of Rooks looking badass, courtesy of CajunCatfish. Cajun’s going to be doing a lot of our mesh designs for clothes, and we’re just lucky she’s as talented in 2D as she is in 3.

A flashback to the KS page, a Pick Up Group of baddies wandering around in one of our worse neighborhoods, having a bit of a good time. You know, I really miss PUGging. I don’t think any other game captured that kind of reckless but controlled entertainment value. I believe that’s Rocket Cat’s work, but don’t quote me on that.

Hm. This looks like a Gryphonesque hero taking on the Inscrutable Scourge. Nobody knows what they want, and they certainly don’t seem to show any coherent logic in their actions. They’re not stupid though, and they are up to something. Just don’t try to use their parts in your own equipment. Because that’s the one thing we know. They will hunt you down.

And this last 2D one looks like something by Treees, our UI specialist. Fighting back to back in a twisted reflection of Titan City, against the forces of the Infernians. Sometimes, saving people is hell.

But there’s some 3D work, too. We’ve got the Statue and City Hall, looking sharp, fresh from their video appearance, and we’ve got a face to face with something that looks mighty good for facepunching.

And, of course, our logo, nice and big and bright.

We’re giving them to you, suitable for phones, PCs, or as many other things as we can think of.

So, what do you think? What would you like to see in the next batch, in a month or two?

Yours, Warcabbit, Petalstorm, and the rest of the City of Titans Art Department.

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