kick starter account lost and email address lost

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kick starter account lost and email address lost

I need to get the phone number to billing department or customer service
I am not sure what date are my best guess is any where from December 2012 to when ever City of Titan kick starter ended in 2013
I used a gmail account. that was a stupid
A) too many user names and I cannot remember what was what
B)all gmail accounts got heck in to. what ever the phone numbers was changed.

when City of Titans if and when the launch dose happen I am no way able to download it. some one else will get it
I called Amazon about this. never do payment on Amazon and paypal. there is forever going to be I.D theft and finance lost. worst of all. the information to get a refund was void

I have to call some one to find my payment and send me a check of the refund
I do not want some one else playing the game I paid for.
I need this issue solved like stat

some one stolen all my gmail accounts
amazon dose not resolve this issue