Just a regular player.

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Just a regular player.

I don't have special skills unlike most others. I've been reading comics for nearly 40 years now. I did Beta for City of Heroes from the beginning and played since a week after launch. I've played it on both PC and Mac platforms, again Beta for both, and played literally every power set combo except the last one. I had to stop playing a months before the end due to medical reasons, and I missed the sunset, though I did have my boyfriend log in my oldest toon, Push, so I could watch it. Like many of you I cried when my home within a home died.

I offer my willingness to donate time to the new game. As a previous Beta volunteer I always focused on bug fixing rather than on trying to get advanced looks, basically finding holes in powers, maps and critters. I'm currently disabled, working from home part-time, and have lots of free time to donate. I can perform your everyday office type functions, and am happy to help however I can.