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Just for Fun: Tuneful Supergroups.

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Just for Fun: Tuneful Supergroups.

While driving home from work tonight, I got to thinking about the information we're already seeing about signature heroes. Specifically, there's already a musically-named Signature (Anthem) -- and by extension, how there are a number of song titles that could very easily double as a hero or villain name. I'm wondering if there'd be any interest in making both a villain and hero group using songs as a 'template' for your character.

Here are some examples from tonight's playlist:

VILLAIN GROUP: Muscle & Hate (by Nitzer Ebb)

- Blood Red Sandman (by Lordi): Probably blades ("they call me leather apron" - a reference to a butcher's apron) but the chorus also refers to elemental powers ("Once again there is pain, I bring flames, I bring cold")
- Superbeast (by Rob Zombie): claws? Super strength? All I know is it's dangerous ("the Ragged they come and the Ragged they kill")
- Incredible Machine (by Sugarland): I picture this as a steampunk battlebot (..."made of blood and lust and hope and steam").
- P***y Control (by Prince): Probably never get by the terms of service, but could be either confuse/dominate control powers, or beast mastery specializing in cats...

HERO GROUP: Brave (by Sara Bareilles)

- Strange Fire (by Indigo Girls): uhhh.. fire powers, obviously... likely with a recolor. ("I come to you with my offering, I bring you Strange Fire")
- Runaway Train (by Kasey Chambers): I'm thinking this name sounds like a speedster/tank.. but there's room for elemental powers as well ("..You make the thunder, I'll make the rain")
- Winterborn (by the Cruxshadows): Every time I hear this song, I imagine something like Warhammer 40k Space Marines, with huge bulky armor and Zero-Kelvin grenades. ("We few shall carry hope within our bloody hands")000
- Major Tom (covered by Shiny Toy Guns): Spaceman! With LASERS!

Whaddya think? If you were making a song-title-themed hero/villain, what would you come up with?

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A couple of friends and I

A couple of friends and I poked around with a similar idea in Champions Online. We didn't really push it much and let ourselves get distracted by a hundred other things, so it never really took off.

My character in the group, a character I had in both City of Heroes AND Champions Online is Iron Lion of Zion, named after the Bob Marley song. I also had a character in CoV named after a Ween song, the Golden Eel. Some recent additions to the costume maker in Champions Online allowed me to make Warren Zevon's Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner.

Iron Lion Zion (Bob Marley)

The Golden Eel (Ween)

Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner (Warren Zevon)

- Maybe you could make the Seven Nation Army-Man after the White Stripes' Seven Nation Army. I love that song.

Seven Nation Army (White Stripes)

- Another one that might be cool, depending upon CoT's costume options, could be Neutral Milk Hotel's Two-Headed Boy.

Two-Headed Boy (Neutral Milk Hotel)

Hiphopopotamus and Rhymenoceros could do more than rap with cool animal names. In CoT, they could fight crime!!!

Hiphopopotamus vs Rhymenoceros (Flight of the Conchords)