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jokes powerset. (for 2 years out after launch, ill tell you why)

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jokes powerset. (for 2 years out after launch, ill tell you why)

welcome to the joke power thread.

this is to discuss a powerset that will have to operate a tad differently than other sets in order to be fresh. otherwise, what is the point. it will have to be delayed due to the extreme amount of work that would go into such a set, and just be one set. perhaps by years.

general idea brainstorm:
1. the glove punch
2. the extending glove punch
3. acid shooting from a coat jacket flower
4. a fine, thin, jet of water, with alot of knockback. from a coat jacket flower.
5. fart blast.
6. *points up* anvil falls on enemy
7. *points up* piano falls on enemy.
8. guns fly out from under jacket wrists, to arm player.
9. player pulls a tiny car out from behind, and under, his pants- it turns into a person sized superspeed car. a tall, but very short one.
10. umbrella flight. rotors underneath the ribs of a umbrella.
11. umbrella gun/gas/etc.
12. battle bunnies of doom, from a top hat:
13. bunch of balloons flight power.
14. sonic horn honk attack.
15. sexy clown girl "pet", or muscle bound clown guy "pet"
16. tiger pet? bear with hat pet? bear rides a tiny tricycle in circles if left idle too long.
17. whip attack. whip hold?
18. ninja musicbox monkey pet. plays music from musicbox is left on idle too long.
19. gorilla suit. appear as a grey normal average npc, unless attacked.
20. a large trained bird drops poo on enemy.
21. throw knife/ knives
22. appear dead for a few seconds. hold a single flower straight up in the air while on the ground.
23. zap a toon to make them appear fat for a time.
24. zap a toon to be colored pink on all costume pieces for a time.
25. throw a beehive at a player, dot attack.

so any more? could these be customized for players? is this something you think is worthy enough to see in 2 years after launch (or so)?

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