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It came in a dream: patrolling minions.

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It came in a dream: patrolling minions.

I had a dream a bit ago that I was GS Necro (my main) in Mercy Island, and a Gang Posse (super weak Thugs minion that came in sets of 8) was clearly labelled "patrolling", which implied that he was running around punching any Longbow he comes across.

So, there's an idea: send your minions or wreck havoc on the whole zone, OR use your fellow crimefighters to patrol the streets. Since it's so passive, one might have to decrease rewards, but this could be an interesting mechanic for the future archetype.

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Basically a moving version of

Basically a moving version of Sentry mode. There is a limit in that it'll lose its bonus if it gets too far from the PC.

Maybe something like a "zone defense" mode, where you mark the center of a wide area, and it patrols around in that area, instead of just going there and standing still?

... Great, now I want to invent a Heisenberg Defocuser.

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