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Install Location

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Install Location

Not really a bug per se. I wasn't really sure where to put the issue..

I'm curious about the choice to install the game in C:\games. To the best of my knowledge no other games save there, in fact there isn't even a games directory in C: normally. The installer created it on my computer. It would make a whole lot more sense to put it in Program Files. It's not a major issue as you can manually change install location, but I didn't notice when I went to install, and installation is so slow I'm not redoing it now. I just like to keep my C:\ clear of clutter and redundant directories.

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Went to Program Files by

Went to Program Files by default for me. But, I could see a gamer-minded person defaulting to a Games folder.

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Mine went to C:\Games also by

Mine went to C:\Games also by default.

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Mine went to C:\Games also by

Mine went to C:\Games also by default.

And that shouldn't be.. The installer should check if there is a C:\Games and if not install it in program files where it should be. Do not make new folders for people who do not use them.

To avoid this whole problem do what almost all other games do... Before starting the install give the default location in view and the option to change it!

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I installed it on a secondary

I installed it on a secondary drive with a programs folder I set up there. Works fine for me.

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Mine installed to C:\Games...

Mine installed to C:\Games... then i Physically moved it to another Drive, changed the Shortcut etc and it's all good at the moment

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Mine asked to be installed in

Mine asked to be installed in C:\Games, but went where I told it to without any fuss.

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