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Increasing Visibility and Community Outreach

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Super M.
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Increasing Visibility and Community Outreach

What can we do, as a community, to increase the visibility of City of Titans and the CoT Forums?

The more excitement we get around the game, the better the second fund raiser might go, which could directly affect its support and speed to success!

Theres obviously sharing and posting about it on social media.

However, I'm wondering if you, the awesome community, has any neat ideas on how we can boost the support and visibility of our game?

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Do interviews with the

Do interviews with the blogosphere and Youtube's popular game industry talking heads

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Once the next kickstarter and

Once the next kickstarter and again when they get closer to beta, I'm planning on pushing CoT to the hosts of Final Encounter Cast. They handle general gaming news on their podcast and they have a decent listener base in the tens of thousands. I'm on pretty good terms with the hosts and they'll at least give it a look, if not taking the time to dig deeper.

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Perhaps contact a few Live

Perhaps contact a few Live Play Youtubers.

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You need to do something, you

You need to do something, you've got next to no presence among the successors. People keep thinking that the game isn't being made or that the project has been abandoned. Meanwhile, people are still generally positive about Valiance Online because they've got something hands-on and despite Ship of Heroes's rocky initial reception, most people are quick to mention them before they discuss City of Titans. Nate corrects them anytime he sees negative comments, and I've tried to counter a couple people, but the fact is you guys aren't visible when it comes to the Spiritual Successor Projects. You're not readily on people's minds.

Ship of Heroes already has a Youtube cheerleader in the form of The Positive Gamer. I don't mean to call him a cheerleader to be demeaning, I mean he's trumpeting their project and they're maintaining a pretty cordial relationship with him, even taking him through some of the gameworld they've built thus far.

The Positive Gamer:

Now, Positive Gamer isn't necessarily a prolific presence on Youtube, in fact having less than a tenth of the viewership of MWM's own channel, but he does have onscreen charisma, while MWM's channel rarely updates, and the viewers are treated to a simple "Okay, here's what we've got..." explanation of the video.

I would recommend reaching out to a Youtube personality, or setting one up from within your ranks. Maybe if we got some videos spliced with concept art to describe the setting, NPCs, factions, etc. rather than just the articles the Kickstarter backers got in their Emails, it could help generate more interest.

Also, the Patreon comic was an excellent step in the right direction. We need more of that, and that comic needs to get more publicity, too.

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To be fair, City of Titans

To be fair, City of Titans hasn't yet reached a state of "Critical Mass of Game Elements" to get excited over yet. Once that happens, things will get a lot more interesting. Trust me, once the Avatar Builder app gets out into the wild, we're going to be getting all the publicity we can stand (both good and bad).

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