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An Idea for Holstered Props

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An Idea for Holstered Props

I was recently checking out a character creator for a new game and saw a feature that might be really useful for CoT. The game in question isn't important, but the feature is a pretty cool idea. Basically it involves being able to customize how a holstered weapon looks on/near a character.

I'm sure we've all played games like WoW where you have a character that uses a big sword. Usually when that sword is "holstered" it might look something like this:

The problem with this is that the game usually uses only one default spot for the sword so it either clips into the character's back/legs or it floats like a foot behind the character and generally looks bad either way.

What this new game did was provide a few sliders in the character creator to allow you to adjust exactly where a weapon will rest relative to the character's body. The following shows the sliders involved:

The "position" sliders let you move the weapon in 3D relative to the character and the "rotation" sliders let you rotate the weapon around its own origin point. So using the position sliders you can (for instance) press the weapon close against the back or have it hover far behind you. The rotation sliders could be used so that the handle angles over the character's right or left shoulder as desired.

So with this feature you can adjust the exact location of where a holstered weapon appears to avoid clipping regardless of the character's size/shape or clothing. Obviously this would be a "nice to have" cosmetic feature but still something worth considering for CoT.

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I like this.

I like this.
It could have other uses as well. If, for example, you like the look of Green Lantern's holographic emblem that hovers in front of his chest.

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