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I was always amazed at the number of undiscovered caves in COH

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I was always amazed at the number of undiscovered caves in COH

They were right in the middle of city parks and planters. The NPCs must have either been very unobservant or their moms told them not to go in because Villains always made their lairs there. After the heroes cleared one out, the city never secured it. and more villains moved right in.

Further the cave system was so massive that any earthquake would have sunk the city beneath the waves.

If we are going to have something like that here...I want dwarves and the mines of Moria. AND the Balrog!
Rip Van Winkle shows that dwarves are an immersive part of the region's culture.

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You think the caves are

You think the caves are extensive? You should see what goes on in the sewers....