I want to make a version of the Emerald Empress...

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I want to make a version of the Emerald Empress...

A good name is worth its weight in gold.

I'm thinking of making a variant of the Emerald Empress.
I want to treat this as a cursed artifact, very similar to an early essay in Lantern technology, except this never has to be recharged.
The Eye of Amonroth is an artifact that grants ring like power to it's wielder: a force field, flight, survival in space, and energy blasts (Gunner class).

The eye itself is semi sentient, and it corrupts its wielder (always a young woman). Furthermore it feeds upon its host eventually killing her.
The eye can be destroyed, but the pieces will teleport away to reform. When this happens, the eye will abandon its owner seeing her as unworthy (this is the only known way to survive contact with the eye).

The eye's latest defeat forced it to teleport away incomplete. Instead it crossed dimensional barriers and landed in Titan city where it found a new host. Malfunctioning, and low on power, it used its host to seek out technology. But this world was too primitive. Fortunately, an alien invasion happened, It's sensors found technology that it could use. Driving its new host out from shelters and into the fray, it managed to absorb much needed repairs. Afterwards, its powers were altered and different. its intelligence was affected by alien programs to conquer this backwater world. Now it has a new purpose. The conquest of Earth.

For the first time the eye has a purpose, but it has been distracted by a new threat. Lantern Ring wearers. Hated Lanterns did not exist this universe, but it could feel the presence of similar technologies. They didn't all take the form of rings, but they were gathering in groups.
https://cityoftitans.com/forum/green-latern-universe-themed-roleplay-groups. Here was new technology it could feed upon.

***The character here is the eye, it considers its host disposable.
now for the most difficult part: THE NAME. and of course...a new color.

The floating eye is the firing point. The human host will wear a lantern like aura.

just a quick image search found the original Emerald Empress. My Villainess will look quite different.