"I know a guy..."

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"I know a guy..."

I was curious about how the "I Know A Guy" perk is going to work. I intend to enshrine my first CoH 50 as a mission giver, but I would like to know if that will (If only on the fringes) place them into the "Cannon" lore of CoT as well. I ask since most of the people you talked with to get missions and such were at least small part of the story of Paragon city as well.

Also, I realize this is way too early to seriously talk about it, but at what point in the process will this be set-up? Or at least when would we be sending in the information about our "Guy" so that they can be integrated into both the location/graphics and the story/lore portions of the game? Any additional information on this would be great.

(I don't know if you can tell, but I'm VERY excited about the prospect.)

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As mentioned in the

As mentioned in the Discussion Thread for TCPD #1:
"The KS perks were for buildings and NPC's and stuff, not to dictate actual game world policies." - Shadow Elusive.
"[...] You can't say 'I don't expect it to be made canon', because your building IS canon - by default."

Your NPC is canon by default, due to the fact it is included as a real artifact in a real game world. To have the custom NPCs make sense, they will have to be given a small amount of lore to fit them in to the game world.

As for your second question, I imagine the surveys will be sent out when they are closer to implementing them in the game world.