I hate to start this way but, someone better point this out!

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I hate to start this way but, someone better point this out!

Usually when I see this happen it's due to a change of talent... but the layout/format of the website seems to be way off track. I don't know if this was an effort to conform to HTML5/new W3C standards or a change of control talent wise... but the website used to appear far more professional.

I need help understanding what happened. Review what the website appears to be now against http://web.archive.org/web/20140210034500/http://cityoftitans.com/

This current layout/format is the opposite of encouraging. Please try again.


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Well, perhaps if this current

Well, perhaps if this current layout was intended to support a working game, then the simplicity of the presentation might be an issue.

Since it's a game in development and the purpose of the layout is to support these forums and give the community easy access to the information, here, I find the current site perfectly acceptable. Also, there's been a big increase in security, due to implementing the new system. I hardly ever have to report spammers anymore.

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A few of us like to apply pre

A few of us like to apply pre-made Styles.

ex: https://userstyles.org/styles/130008/city-of-titans

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The old template (it's the

The old template (it's the same website, just a new front-end) was fixed width and displayed poorly on mobile devices. With over 80% of our traffic now through mobile devices, a change to focus on what people are generally viewing us on was needed.

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