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How to make a Super in Fantasyland work.

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How to make a Super in Fantasyland work.

Croatoa was almost always empty.
The Greek time travel place was boring.

How can we set up a fantasy in COT that will be engaging and fun...and replayable?

I suggest that it tie into the story of the early American colonies. Rip Van Winkle ran into a colony of dwarves who put him to sleep for 20 years.
The headless horseman is an uber Boss and player death (OK a Marvel death) is a real possibility. We should see our toons get decapitated-that would be cool.
Let us not forget the Jersey Devil.

The fantasy genre is already there in the northeast. go back in time to the American Revolution...with Anthem sending you off.

My suggestion:
1) make a permanent land with brief adventures. players can go in, do the job and come back
2) different enemies. instead of the same cookie cutter minions...replace then from time to time and write NEW stories. even for those who just want to grind, this would be welcome. let the evil reindeer get chased out (or eaten) by wendigos
3) SUPER VILLAINS. Heroes aren't the only ones who time travel. Dr Chaos from the 1970's may want to rewrite American history, and you will need to stop his psychedelic minions
4) Dare I say...a PVP instance?
5) INVASION....the redcoats are coming! Supported by time traveling British supers who want to reestablish the EMPIRE
6) local supers, mages, shamans, super strength ogres, early patriot heroes, and unique fantasy creatures that can beat the crap (er, provide a challenge) for players
6) starting locations: Erstwhile Township for the heroes. a Redcoat camp for the villains
7) Time travel goes BOTH ways. powerful types from this fantasy land can come here to this confusing world. including Redcoats out to run guns back to the revolution...indeed the redcoats have established a criminal presence on the city of titans...
finding and shutting down time portals might be an interesting adventure in the modern city.

PS: it doesn't have to be colonial just seemed to fit the city's location

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I feel like this is

I feel like this is effectively what Croatoa was. It was a dip into a zone with a specific theme and different from the "normal" zone in COH. I think the primary difference between what you are asking for and what croatoa was is that yours is bigger and more dynamic which Croatoa was for it's time. There were several zone events there. More than many of the starting zones, looking at perez park, steel canyon, skyway city, galaxy city, and even atlas park which featured no zone events well after launch. I think the primary reason it was empty was the classic realtors cry of location location location. It was effectively shut off from the other zones, one way in, one way out. You'd never pass through it to get to your next mission and stop to fight jack-in-irons. It also stood more or less alone in terms of having mission door spawn in that area.

But I agree with you on the premise. There ought to be an area that acts as a "theme"park that features a unique set of lore based events missions and baddies/do-gooders for heroes and villains to face off against. However, they are building a world so I wouldn't hold my breath for such a place till well after launch. Maybe if the team can afford to quit their day-jobs (or to hire someone that could) would I expect to see that come into fruition.