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How is everyone holding up during this mess of 2020?

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How is everyone holding up during this mess of 2020?

Just thought id say Hi and start a thread where everyone can post how they are doing both good and bad (as they see fit).

It has been years since I have been here and the last time I was active with most of you was back in CoH/V. I have had many ups and downs as all of us have had. Currently working on running a LARP called Ragnarok, with friends and family, while finishing my Degree in Mechanical Engineering. My wife had a stroke and was let go as a teacher from her school district after 20 years of work. Upside she is recovering and getting to focus on her artwork.

How are all of you doing?

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The company my old

The company my old manufacturing dayjob was at folded back in January, and I tried to increase my taxibotting to pick up the slack. But then everything "non-essential" shut down, and the taxibotting hasn't picked up enough. So now I've just started working at the world's largest river and bookstore. I've survived 41 hours over four days so far. ^_^

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Hey Thorgar - thanks for

Hey Thorgar - thanks for starting a conversation about this. Personally, all of the downtime has allowed me to really focus on volunteering for this game. So I jump on the forums as much as I can, but most of the time I'm working like crazy to build Titan City! Glad to hear that your wife is doing better and hope you stay in touch!

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I got a job at a local

I got a job at a local McDonalds... I needed the money desperately and my new location isn't thick with jobs other than food service. Fortunately my family is connected with the franchise owner (my dad used to be his VP) so I OK. I haven't been yanked to do their IT stuff - yet.


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