Over Labor Day Weekend, our repository server gained sentience and walked away.

It's back and said it just went for a walkabout and didn't mean to cause any distress. What is interesting though, is it will neither confirm nor deny the existence of these "motorheads" we've heard about.

Thank you all for your concern, and batteries.

The motherboard manufacturer sent a replacement part and we have put the repository server back together. We are back up and running and will now continue our regularly scheduled programming. (please pardon the pun)

The Houston Flood: They Need Help

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The Houston Flood: They Need Help

We are writing this post in what we feel is our humanitarian duty to our fellow man. As most of you have probably heard, the city of Houston, Texas is experiencing a truly devastating flood. The rains overflowed even the massive reservoirs designed to prevent flooding, hurting even areas that were supposed to be safe. Many did not have flood insurance. All need help.

We have developers there - all are safe. Some are waiting for it to be safe to return to their homes, others, already safe, are doing what they can. But a disaster this size needs help from everyone.

We would like to make everyone aware of where they can donate to the cause if so inclined. Hopefully both the city and the people will be able to recover, in full.


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