The Hot Seat! A Villain T.V. Network production (Open RP tv show for fun)

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The Hot Seat! A Villain T.V. Network production (Open RP tv show for fun)

Just a little fun Idea. A Late Night TV show setup. Random characters could show up each episode and have an interview with the show's star Hotwire! Guests can be fellow villains, hostages, or Heroes that might have been captured beforehand. Let's have fun with this. Want your character on the show send a message we can do a full write up and post the finish or RP it on the forums. Or RP it in a message and then I post it when done. This gives those who don't normally RP a chance to have their character appear.

The studio was in darkness as the crew finishes setting up the set. A large wood desk sat beside a chair at a small table in front of the chair. There was a screen behind the set displaying Titan City at night. Unlike a Late night show the single chair had arm and leg straps and looks to be set up to be able to eject.

Soon the image of Hotwire in all electrical holographic glory was behind the desk sitting on a lush holographic chair.

"Code Monkey are we ready?" She called out.

"Ready when you are, boss. IN Five, Four," he stops speaking and just motions with his hands the last three numbers and then points to her as the camera starts to record.

"Hello out there in Titan City! It's I your Digital Diva, your Goddess of the internet, and Countess of code. Hotwire!" She stands and makes a bow.

"I have a special announcement! Due to some unexpected costs..." mumbles as Tinkerbelle image pops up on the screen beside her with a Wanted sign underneath including the words 'Dead or maimed $10,000'.

"Let's just say that someone tipped off the Motorheads of one of my databanks and they had a field day. Now I have that on top of other costs to cover..." her form turned red "I HATE HAVING MY BOTTOM LINE IN THE RED!"

"Un... boss. We are live." Came Code Monkey's voice.

She returned to her normal electrical blue "Oh... well on with the show. Speaking of shows I'm starting a new venture! A pay per view to increase my revenue. Every so often I would have a special guest to interview! This guest could be a famous star, one of the city's elite, random person I kidnapped off the street, a fellow villain or even a Hero!"

"If you want to appear on the show or want someone to appear even if it's against their will give me a call! Don't worry all phone calls are connected to the internet and rerouted around the globe a number of times so there no chance of a trace! Besides, the number will change each episode!"

The broadcast ends with the number to call.

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