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The Honey Badger

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The Honey Badger

Name: Ryan Rothwell
Alias: Honey Badger
Sex: Male
Powers: Regeneration, Claws and Teeth, and super strength which results in super jumping.

Physical Description: Lurching at nearly 7 feet tall, the slightly hunchbacked monstrosity is truly a nightmare to behold. Tree trunk-like torso and arms are covered in thick brown fur, except for Honey Badger's front which has a slightly lighter tan fur coat. 
Each mammoth arm ends in a human-shaped paw that has terrifying claws protruding from each finger. His legs have a double joint, as would the hind legs of a four-legged animal, which end in similar --except massive-- claws. At his posterior, hangs a nigh-useless tail.
Due to his human-imposed decency, Honey Badger wears a black uniform of a sleeveless shirt and skin-tight shorts made of spandex (of course) with a black utility belt to encompass his frame. There are blood-red scar patterns on his spandex. 
Atop this, he wears armor plates across his torso and arms if only to exude further menace from his being. The layered plates of metal are painted black with blood red trim, to mirror his spandex.
Lastly, Honey Badger has a snout and face much akin to his namesake, with razor sharp teeth beneath his demonic red eyes and snarling lips.
By all accounts, babies cry at the mere sight of this "hero".

Biography: Once upon a time, a biology grad student --Ryan Rothwell-- was aiding his professor test the physical limitations of the magestic Honey Badger on nuclear radiation. Said honey badger specimen escaped and bit Ryan. The bite radically transformed the young man into a giant beast, and the specimen took a nap.
Then an hour later the honey badger woke up and bit the professor. In the end, the honey badger died due to radiation poisoning. Leaving in his wake a couple of soul-bound Honey Badger monsters. The professor became Doctor Honey Badger, while Ryan Rothwell became simply 'The Honey Badger'. Both men lost their intelligent, and grew in tenacity. Seeking each other in an immortal death battle.
The honey badger's natural properties of endurance and survival transferred to both men, as well as a few unexpected mutations.
Despite his nasty appearance, Ryan Rothwell was always a good egg. This trait permiated through the transformation. While Honey Badger is not the sharpest tool in the toolbox, he is a tool used for good.

(I'm a sucker for terrible backstories.)