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Hero Stances.

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Hero Stances.

I know there still much to work on, but I hope the current idle or movable stance that is presented will not be the only one available. I hope we can pick different types of stances for our heroes to idle or move around with. Also, during the lastest video with Super Jump, I think there should be different ways to jump as well. There are some where you swing your arms in a circle with your back bent a bit backwards, head tiled back a bit, and your legs doing a bicycle kick (slowly). When landing, there should be a nice little seismic wave with a crack in the ground and some pebbles, or maybe a frog jump. The capes look amazing, and I hope there are different options as well to the design of the cape such as cloth, leather, or the current one we have. Will there be an type of toggle movies like CoH had?

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I can't speak to the toggles,

I can't speak to the toggles, but travel power animations as well as neutral stances are both slated to be customized. Capes are subject to the same material selection as the rest of the costume. The Christmas videos showed both plastic and cloth capes, while the super jump showed wasn't even a finished animation.

Hope this alleviates some of your concerns.

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In the "First Costume Contest

As for stances at least, in the "First Costume Contest" update, we can already see two of the available stances, one of which the devs are calling "Beast Stance"... the other looks like a sort of heroic default (fists clenched, shoulders back).

Since those are already implemented in the character creator, I have no doubt those and more will be available in-game from the word go.