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HBO's Watchmen (Discussion = Spoilers)

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Hatut Zeraze
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HBO's Watchmen (Discussion = Spoilers)

I just watched the first episode of HBO's Watchmen and was blown away. I thought there might be a few fellow Titanians who are also watching the series and I wanted to start a thread because this is most definitely a series worth reflecting and talking about.

As a Watchmen junkie from waaaaay back, I relished in all the Easter Eggs and salutes to the original story. This first episode introduced an amazing setting that begs question after question about how things became they way they became. I imagine there are plenty of episodes coming that dig into that formative history.

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Just watched it this morning

Just watched it this morning before work, and I agree with everything you said. I went in expecting it to be kinda 'meh' but I was very impressed. If they can sustain the level and not stretch it out into overly-long seasons, I think it could rank among my favourite shows.

Love the idea of its taking place in the same world but with different characters.

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