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Habla's Character Information: Stakeout

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Habla's Character Information: Stakeout

The Tremendous


"You're a good kid Tim. But I know there's potential within you have yet to discover." ~ Robert Wallace

Basic Information:

Real Name: Timothy Wallace
Alias(es): Tim, Timmy, Kid, Stakeout, Stakey, Blue, Special, Mr. Wallace, Provocative Hero
Species: Metahuman
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Relatives: Robert Wallace (Father), Stephanie Wallace (Mother)
Occupations: High School Student, Superhero, Adventurer
Base of Operation: Titan City, Alexandria

Physical Characteristics:

Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 160 lbs
Physique: Athletic
Hair: Light Brunette
Eyes: Greenish Brown
Skin: Fair (White)
Distinguishing Feature: None


Timothy Wallace was born in December 14th, Tim grew up with a decent family with good economics and talents with little to hardships to deal with, Tim grew up in Titan City Alexandria and became a good friend with his neighbor childhood, Angelina Victoria. Both grew up sharing almost the exact same interest and liking such as gaming, anime, comics, the typical geek thing. Tim grew up mostly being mild-mannered with anything relation to High School such as being an introvert, going to class to do studies like any would, no one bullying him, he's no nerd or having any sorts of shapes of thing that makes him unique from other students, he would get along with pretty much everyone despite of his rather 'cool' behavior and calm about things, some would say, just careless despite of just doing his thing without getting in trouble or picked on by students, even bullies would get along with him if he ever interacted with one despite of Tim's casual behavior wise. Tim dealt with rather other dramatic issues he hates dearly, family drama. Usually sometime his parents would argue about plans or other such despite of their work, his father works as a well-talented artist and his mother as fashion-model designer. Both having such integral skills to shine. Usually the beneath stress would accidentally put the blame on Tim for nothing for pointing fingers on others. Tim of course, doesn't like to be defenseless would argue back and tries to justify their rather incompetent act of theirs, when they didn't mean to but rather is really stressed out by their job they have and appointments they make. Otherwise Tim just rather focus doing his everyday routine to get it out of his system, he joined in a small group of friends that Angelina made which consist of mostly girls whom invited Tim to their club, Tim was rather felt weird out by the idea of being the only boy around but Angelina encourage this and he accepted it only for her's sake and the same time made some good friends along the way. Tim usually had to deal with cleaning the class by the permission of the principle which was made by the club leader Jessica, who was mostly the arrogant and high-superiority complex-type that cares for mostly perfection and corrections. Every Thursdays he had to clean the class which, in his case. Tiresome.

One day Angelina gave Tim a call that the club was going outside for hangouts and fun, Tim who honestly didn't want to but despite of lacking to do anything inside his room and computer and it was just a Saturday afternoon. He accepted the invite and joined along, suddenly during the mid-night since they get to hang around longer, a industrial company nearby called Aether Enterprises, who was prepared to conduct an science-related test to see if their latest progress could work. Released a giant energy up to the sky in the night which inside went something wrong caused an astronomical event that night, it was a energy related disruption being caused by the gravitational force and the energy which created a void that caused a heck ton of damages, the club witness this and tried to escape before Tim heroically saved Angelina and the new student who joined in named Vanessa for their safety which unfortunately, Tim got exposed to vastly amount of the strange energy like a blast of it towards him. After the madness being cleared, they saw helpless Tim laying on the ground unconscious which shocked and terrified the club and called the 911 as soon as possible which he was then straight ended to the hospital for medical treatment and research to see if he gotten injured despite of what have happened. Of course 5 hours later, Tim woke up as Angelina and his parents were there joyfully happy to see he's fine, even Vanessa. Who apologizes greatly but Tim told her not to because it was Tim's choice to heroically save them from the event, of course Vanessa is an insanely rich girl from an incredibly wealthy family that payed the medical bills as their gratitude for his heroism.

Tim of course feels way better then the last time and at the same time feels the strange energy surging inside him. Only to suddenly one day do something which is not normal to many which he realized he was given powers, he of course realized that the 'void' must have imbued with him with incredible powers which are superpower manipulation that gives him the ability to create and customize superpowers for his liking. Tim was rather shocked and a bit thrilled to know that he is an metahuman now which ultimate powers within him. Tim of course began to use those powers more often then not such as testing them by himself and casually uses them to cause certain property damages by his reckless youth and thrill-seeking attitude, one day a twist of tragic occurred when he misused those powers and caused someone close to him hurt by his own abilities, felt ashamed for at least a month before he decided to go to his best friend Angelina to reveal those powers to her to what he is and what caused him to get bad grades and so much more. She was rather happy to know her childhood best friend and what she sees him a part of her gotten powers because she is also a superhero fan, but was rather sad to know Tim was stubborn and didn't use those powers for what is right so he helped him and motivated him to become the hero that his city needs as Tim also remembered that he also the one who saved them from that exact danger and believes others could be hurt if any misuse of power would occur and knew the city is unsafe by thugs. Angelina designed him a costume for him to use since she is a anime loving cosplayer, Tim decided to become the crime-fighter and adventurous hero that the media dubbed him as Stakeout.

Powers and Abilities

  • Metahuman Physiology: Despite of the incident he faced, transformed Tim to a uniquer scales and changed his body forever. Genetic wise and everything else. This makes him vastly unique unlike ever seen despite of what he can do with these powers he was gifted. He is powerful enough to face almost anyone despite of his powers and what he can do with them too.
  • Potentikinesis: This power of course isn't out of the ordinary, this ability is unique and powerful and a game-changer to Tim. Potentikinesis or Superpower Manipulation, he can create a superpower or ability and customize it to his need and using it for either offensive, defensive, or supportive depending his interest or situation wise, the ability also lets him to mimic others, or augment abilities, etc. The actions of what he can do gives him certain total control over what he could do with them but with limits included, he can't create or do anything related to magic, alien origin with weird understanding and information, some cosmic like abilities that is too hard, or omnipotent abilities, regardless to what origin. So Tim has to be mindful to which ability he has interest in, and depending on the ability he has can drain his metabolism quickly despite of the energy it takes within and certain abilities that bypasses his limits could strain his body enough to feel it. The ability of what he can do is yet to be discovered, despite of his youth and inexperience, it comes to show he could do much more in the near future.
  • Power Transferal: He could use this ability to share among others if they are in need of an ability or add them one ability at a time if needed in certain cases but doesn't work it often despite of metabolism draining.
  • Energy Concentration: Because of the ability within him, if push comes to shove or any emotional moments in need, Tim could concentrate the power within and focus to let out an incredible force to face off a dangerous odd or powerful villain, of course it would drain his energy all together and would knock him unconscious before regaining consciousness and needs to recover for at least two hours before getting back-up and usually this ability might not work on some villains if they have resistance to the amount of forces being released.
  • Enhancements: Despite of the energy from the void being released, he could have certain enhancements to amplify his physiology to certain parts.
  • Accelerated Healing: Despite of his already impressive powers, he can psychically accelerate his healing process at fast rate to heal broken bones and few other damages at quick rate but has limits depending on the injuries he is getting. It also gives him the ability to heal from certain poisons that would usually affect anyone's system depending on the level of poisons he is being induced with.

"Science is the gift of humanity that we all should treasure."