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Habla's Character Information: Stakeout

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Habla's Character Information: Stakeout

The Tremendous


(I know this is an image from Ultimate Spider-Man comics of his first outfit, this is an example of how Tim's year one suit is and will look like with some changes.)

Basic Information:

Real Name: Timothy Wallace
Alias(es): Tim, Timmy, Kid, Stakeout, Stakey, Mr. Wallace
Species: Metahuman
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Relatives: Robert Wallace (Father), Stephanie Wallace (Mother)
Occupations: High School Student, Superhero Adventurer
Base of Operation: Titan City, Clarkstown

Physical Characteristics:

Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 160 lbs
Physique: Athletic
Hair: Light Brunette
Eyes: Oliver
Skin: Fair (White)
Distinguishing Feature: None


In life, many young people deal with what commonly every teen in their age deals with if it is your typical school issues of coming late and getting detention, getting picked on, or overall friendship problems, Timothy Wallace is a different exception and of course has other challenges of his own. Tim was born in Titan City with a decent life of his own with well-talented parents that are good at something such as his father being a well-talented artist and his mother being a fashion-like designer. With their creativity in their minds. As a baby, Tim loved being overall gestured and energized, as his mother used to commonly call him 'little hero' for his immeasurable joy he conveyed through his childhood. His childhood included backyard neighbor interactions and overall kindergarten fun he experienced. One of those time had him meet someone that became close to his life or his soul. He met a socially-troubled girl who's Tim's neighbor who lives just 10 seconds away from him. Her name is Angelina Victoria, she never made any friends despite her nervous and shy-like attitude gotten in her way but Tim in his life always played with her outside with toys and other such that normally any children would and tell sci-fi like stories that intrigued her a lot. For a short period of months, Angelina became extroverted and she became energized, able to make many friends than Tim, and always will see Tim as a 'soul bond' and thankful for being the only person to ever care. This caused their relationship to build to the point that even their parents became really good friends that made Angelina be part of Tim's family and sees her as their little daughter who would be allowed to wake Tim up every time to go to school together. Their relationship became more build-up for their fun and crazy experiences in their childhood until Tim's teenage years. Things were the same but not as it used to be, Tim became calmer and more bored and presence his introvert behaviors despite not wanting to randomly talk to strangers without starting a topic they both share to build a conversation or have his friend Angelina, who became very open with socializing and gotten many friends in her lifetime ever since, introduces them to Tim instead. Tim usually deals with family dramas whenever his parents are stressed out because of their occupations, causing them to lash out against Tim for no reason as he also argues back for the bullcrap but doesn't mean to take it upon Tim but their stress causes them to do something they didn't mean to.

Tim overall is chill and rather just do what commonly any students would, finish their studies and hope to never get more finals and try to get his grades on top, even if he is not the smartest in the room overall. Because of Angelina's energies to be open, she made plenty of friends which included group of consisted of girls that were mostly the ones Angelina cared, Tim would be introduced by Angelina since she is part of a club that they invited her, she was joyful to tell him to join but Tim found it strange for a group that only has girls to have a boy in there, of course, Tim joined but only for Angelina's sake and so she can stop nagging to his ear every time. That would naturally also have Tim become good friends with them as well and Tim also likes to think that this isn't a harem-like relationship but just a coincidence that he happens to hang out with them. Of course, one day was a big moment in his life that changed forever when one of the insanely rich club members decided for fun and because of the freedom she has. Invited them to her family's corporation for a fun hang-out trip with free allowance to experience that many wouldn't on Saturday. Tim, of course, checked on his schedule but he was free. That day when they were visiting and was being introduced and guided by one of the scientists. One that they were interested to show was an MRI Scan-like invention that is said to be very unique from any that contains special things inside that scan and discover the impossible as they quoted, of course, it is also supposed to work on inhuman-like people with strange physiologies and psychologies. With open arms and of course welcoming the guests, the clubs were also allowed to test it.

But they were unsure until they directly smiled and looked at Tim, seeing he's the only person who can 'man-up' in front of them. Tim tried to refuse but just to end this nonsense debates and bets. Tim decided to free-willy test the newly found invention. As the scientist started on, things were not what it was supposed to be. An accident occurs to where the machine malfunctions by Tim's strangely profound uniqueness that was from him, Tim in state of shock and pain by the experience of these specialties that the MRI Scan was doing. The scientist panicked and immediately shut if off before it would cause any more harm, shocked and worried the girls, the doctors, and the medical team arrived immediately to check on Tim, of course, he was conscious but dizzy by the measure of integrities it was coming out. The doctors checked on him for half an hour and claimed he's 100% fine with no issues. Tim in a bit of outrage left the place since he felt like the bet almost got him killed for it, though of course he slightly blames himself for it because of being pressured caused him to believe they made him go to near-death experience as he leads to believe. But things were also different, while the girls, especially Angelina and the rich girl apologized for the madness they caused, he forgave of course but something was strange with him as well. He was having mild concussions, he was sweating a lot, his senses began to slightly overloaded by the measure of information he is getting, his muscles in a state of pain as if he tore a fiber, mostly his concussions made him feel strange and uneasy.

Tim one day was walking to the school minding his own business, a black colored van was driving purposely at Tim for some mysterious reasons, in a quick of a reaction, he immediately jumped and dodged the incoming black van that suddenly hit a nearby tree. Tim shocked and terrified to not only got almost killed yet again but also somehow miraculously evaded an impending danger as he 'felt' that. He also then got his senses to forewarn that the man inside the van carried a gun, which caused him to retreat. He was shocked and began asking himself what is going on with him. He suddenly thinks and decided out of curiosities, thinks if he has superpowers. To test his theory correctly, he decided one night to walk somewhere to a carbage district near his hometown, he saw a broken and left-out car and decided to lift it, and managed to lift the car entirely with ease while retaining its balance, that also shocked but also made him insanely excited of realization that he has superpowers. Tim was clueless where he got them until he realized he granted powers from the MRI Scan that was unique but also had the impression that he might've been not normal, to begin with, but he, of course, decided to enjoy a lot about it, he began using his powers for amusements such as being a thrill-seeker with those dangerous abilities to his joy.

To his case, he felt like he was getting energized ever since back his childhood but now he can do things that no ordinary human beings can't do. As time went on and spent most of his hours testing out his powers for his joy and being blinded by power, things also had its downfall such as grades going down, showing up 5-10 minutes late at his classes, his friends began to question his behavior ever since that incident that they were lead to believe he might've been driven crazy, Angelina now more worried to see her childhood best friend Tim is becoming more reckless than ever, his parents now worried and upset to realize his grades are going down and abandoned even calls from his friends to be worried to what just has happened to him. Tim, of course, argued back which lead to conflicts because of his reckless behaviors and overall his secrecy of having powers and being a thrill-seeker in the streets, using his power to cause minor damages.

The research he did that he did which is that he has given the power to create and manipulate the concept of superpowers being titled Metakinesis. With now knowing what he can do, there is no stopping him and began creating some other powers such as the ability to be agile and reflexive and other powers. As the thrill-seeking has almost ruined his reputation. One night, while Tim was toying around with his powers, he suddenly witnesses a crime scene up ahead. an innocent girl being robbed by a young thug in the same age as hers and Tim's, he decided to jump in to test his powers against the thug for cocky purposes. He jerked around with his powers in front of the thug to test his powers which of course caused an accident to happen, the misuse of his power caused not only the thug to critically injured badly but also by accidental ways, killed the innocent girl, he became incredibly scared and horrified to take someone's life away for his reckless behavior and saw it was one of Angelina's other friends in high school, but not the ones from the club she and Tim's are in. Tim became incredibly sad and lead to depression, he also realized his behavior also caused his friends and family to be worried and unsure of Tim and also caused great pain to Angelina as well.

The pain made Tim realized what he was doing whole this time was idiotic and never used his powers ever since that incident that also spread across the media about the mysterious incident, the girl's parents devasted and broken, the thug is in critical injuries and now treated with medical things. Tim decided to focus on his grades the most, being almost depressive in the views of his friends as well for what he did. One day, while Tim was walking to his school, he suddenly witnessed a superhero battle that caused damages across the places, civilian's lives endangered by the unfold of madness, Tim in desperate fear of this but suddenly remembers that night that happened to those two, and realized that he doesn't want to see more lives in danger because he choose to misuse his opportunities and being scared. Tim's utter refusal to sit back and deal the same pain ever again, Tim decided to save the innocent lives. Tim found somewhere a random ski mask and decided to save the civilians that were in dire need of a help, and lifted heavy debris and cars to save those that are trapped underneath, after saving many civilians as many heroes stopped a villain, Tim saw this as a chance to getting away from the scene before being discovered. Ever since that day, nobody knew who he was but the mysterious individual to them is a hero for rescuing many civilians from each danger they were in or trapped. Tim feeling heroic that day felt like that this is what he should be doing with his powers to make up for the girl's life. Tim decided to become the hero of Titan City as the media dubbed him, Stakeout.

Powers and Abilities

    Enhanced Chromosome Augmentation: Tim experienced an incredible change to his mind and body, mostly his mind despite his powers are heavily dependent on his imaginative ways in order to utilize his powers in such manners that allows him to do insane things normally no one can't do.

    Metakinesis: He has a power that is a game-changer and an important ability that changes a lot to Tim. Tim has the ability to create and manipulate the concept of superpowers, no matter what it might be as long as it is a superpower. The power works as a mental focus to Tim which allows him to imaginatively create a superpower he would like to have or superpowers depending on his mood and situation he's at. Hench being titled 'Metakinesis' despite the abilities and what it can do is impossible. Of course, with this ability, Tim can create powers such as say, super strength. For example, he can create super strength and get it but can also customize it with how it works or unique it can be and amplify it depending on how he wants it or what situation he's at. This also applies other physical-like attributes such as speed, agility, durability, stamina, reflexes, etc. He can create other superpowers as well beside physical ones or genetics and can be outside force or through mental as well. No matter what it is, as long as it applies the idea of superpower, Tim can create and manipulate it. But has many limitations, first and foremost, Tim is young and naive so his naivete can get the best of him and has no experience with this ability, despite his youth. His powers haven't been unlocked to it's potential currently at the same time it has limits as such, he can't create omnipotent abilities on that scale, or powers that are alien with strange information that his ability might not able to create, and magic powers cannot be made at all and certain cosmic abilities has different levels, anything from low to medium-level he might have a chance, high-level may be possible depending what the power is, but anything above it and godly will not work. The power also drains energies from Tim meaning he has to eat a lot more calories and others such since he burns a lot faster with his metabolism which depends on what powers he creates or what he does with it. Therefore, Tim has to be careful of what he does before he tires himself out for what he does. As such, Tim still has an incredible power that he has but not in any omnipotent ways that make him seem like a god. But has powers to face almost any enemies he may face.

"Science is the gift of humanity that we all should treasure."