Green lantern hand bubble power?

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Green lantern hand bubble power?

Twice I saw this. The second time was a male and female character outfitted as GLs (with Greek Phis as chest letter, etc.) floating, posing under Atlas one evening.

They had bubble powers with a whole body bubble, easy enough. However they also had a little bubble around their "ring hand". I could never figure out this power.

Was it a secret power left over from a dev GL experiment? Was it generally available as a secret slash command? Or did one have to be a dev level account?

Anyone know?


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Possibly a glitch they could

Possibly a glitch they could do when activating a force field power? Kind of like how you, if you had a weapon, could stand with your weapon out. And I think you could glitch it so it was always out till x... Maybe something like that.

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Yeah that sounds cool. But

Yeah that sounds cool. But like Project_Hero said maybe they figured out some kind of "trick" to make that happen because I'm not aware of specific emote/command for that. I suppose it could have been some kind of undocumented Dev-only emote/command but it seems highly unlikely that a "secret" emote of any kind would've stayed hidden for long.

For what it's worth hopefully something like that will be a "public emote" in CoT.

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I just wnet into paragon chat

I just went into paragon chat and created a force field character and the glow on the hand appears for a few seconds when casting the bubble. So like what Project_Hero said, it appears to be a way to constantly stay in the power-activation animation frames.

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