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Gravity Cosmic


Data Entry 305-443-1; Gravity Cosmic.

Powers: Gravity Cosmic possesses the ability to harness and manipulate gravity using The Gravity Cosmic Gauntlet he (it) wields. This manipulation includes, but may or may not be limited to, creating sources of mass gravitational pull; Phasing in and out any where in the galaxy or universe; increasing the density of an object; Immunity to the vacuum of space and any source of gravity; Teleportation through spacial distortion; "Flight" through manipulation of gravity fields; Matter manipulation enough to create a physical form.

Known Weaknesses: Gravity Cosmic has been shown to have adverse effects towards anti-matter, electricity, or speedsters who can escape or are otherwise unaffected by his gravitational might.

Physical Appearance: While in his (its) "true" form the body is composed of a hyper-dense concentration of space acting as a protective barrier for the host within (more on this below).

Gravity Cosmic's powers lie within a pair of gauntlets and all the abilities he (it) may possess are thus channeled through these artifacts (more on this below). The gauntlets have a "host" form; A human called Axel Robin. This "host" is a design of the gauntlet and is not of a real human, simply a manifestation used to blend in to society. In their "base" form, that being of simply gauntlets, they are impossible to move or wield unless held by a being of celestial origin, another artifact wishes to combine with the gauntlets, or a gravity-matter manipulator.

Gravity Cosmic refers to both the being as well as the specific artifact, being separated as Gravity Cosmic the being, and The Gravity Cosmic as the specific abilities of the artifact. Other artifacts may be imbued with Defense Cosmic, Aura Cosmic, Radiant Cosmic, to name a few. These artifacts range from weapons, to armor, to rings and other accessories, but are generally worn or wielded to bestow their power. These artifacts have no knowledge of their origin or how they came into existence nor do they know their purpose. Due to this confusion and crisis of their seeming lack of purpose the artifacts all have their own agenda and conscience they follow. Each artifact may also either create a physical form, as Power Cosmic has done, or create a symbiotic relationship with a true host creature.

The true alignment of Gravity Cosmic is unknown.

When one artifact meets another they are able to relay information to each other as if having lived them themselves thus creating a better understanding of the universe they were manifested in. The artifacts also may be used together, such as a Sword Cosmic and Shield Cosmic, as Gravity Cosmic has seen. Other partial Cosmic artifacts, such as Gravity Cosmic, may be joined with others resembling armor to create a complete "set". Other Cosmic artifacts still may be a full suit of armor acting as one solid mass thus rendering the ability to meld with a host creature impossible making it more difficult to find a purpose. However, these Perfect Cosmic artifacts are incredibly powerful and are only referred to those artifacts that do not possess the melding technique so in theory, Gravity Cosmic has stated, any artifact may be a Perfect Cosmic.


Other Cosmic artifacts known to Gravity Cosmic:

Aag'nt (Aug-ent): The strongest of the Cosmics as well as a "perfect" one. It is a solid, one piece armor sleek in design with a giant spike at the end of each arm instead of fingers. Power set includes, but is not limited to, impenetrable defense, piercing punches, minor telepathy, and super strength. All Cosmics know of this elite Cosmic but is not treated as a leader. Location unknown. Purpose unknown.

Sword Cosmic: The Sword Cosmic is in the form of any sword it desires given area and time period it was in. The Sword Cosmic prefers being used by, or forming itself into, women. Her blade is as dark as obsidian with a vibrant red hilt and pommel when applicable. She is one of the oldest Cosmic artifacts in the Sol system, rivaled only by Cloak Cosmic. Her blade is nearly indestructible and if broken may be mended by inactivity for one full week or with the help of another artifact. Cannot create a construct host but once melded she shares thoughts and the vision of the host even across vast distances until she is no longer needed or the host dies. The host can also summon her as long as the sheath is in their possession (including in their house, car, etc). She guides the hand using her for the most effective strike and parries any attack made to her or her host but can only do this when held and not sheathed, away from host, etc. Location: Europe. Purpose unknown.

Cloak Cosmic: The Cloak Cosmic has been around for thousands of years, since before the rise of the Egyptians. Cloak, as it prefers, is capable of creating a fake host as Gravity Cosmic can, as well as bestowing power to a living host. However, once melded the host is under complete control of Cloak. Cloak can change it's length, design, color, anything it desires along those lines. It bestows the wearer with the power of flight as well as acting as a protective and intelligent shield around the body and may act freely around the host even if not in direct contact with them. The cloth is able to become as hardened as titanium but must compact itself in order to pull this off greatly reducing coverage. In place of relying on this hardened state the cloth with instead act as a distraction for targets while using it's incredible agility to dodge behind it or to simply disarm or deflect attacks made against it. Cloak is the fastest known Cosmic thinker on Earth with the fastest "reflexes". Location: Mexico. Purpose unknown.

Fire and Ice Cosmic: Fire and Ice are dual Cosmics acting as "twin sisters". They do not wish to take a host unless the hosts are identical twins. When no host is found, or the twins wish to not possess a host, they take the forms of a small fire elemental girl and a small ice elemental girl. If the twins form a host at the same time their bodies merge combining both their powers into this new form called Steam Cosmic. Fire and Ice Cosmic are always together and are the only Cosmics known to have this ability of mixing their abilities to create a brand new artifact. Fire uses ranged attacks while Ice prefers close quarters seeing as her ice shell is highly dense and can regenerate. Fires body is weak to extreme colds and water, Ice the opposite, but they have no issues near each other. As Steam Cosmic they are incorporeal unless they desire otherwise, their fists can either be inflamed or blocked in ice, they can emit tremendous heat or cold from their body, or while incorporeal they may cover some one and choke them or use their heat or ice body while they "consume them". Location: New York. Purpose: Keep each other alive.

Aside from Aag'nt these could be considered friends to Galaxy Cosmic. They have made contact with each other at some point and has created a mental link to them when the need arises.

(( OOC: More to come, hopefully when I have more time! Hope you enjoyed the read! I am also looking for a Super Group (guild, friendship village, whatever we are calling them) to RP with since mass forum RP with hundreds of people can get confusing. Hit me up if you have suggestions, questions, guild stuff, etc!))

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Awesome read. Hope to one day

Awesome read. Hope to one day run into Gravity Cosmic.