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Google SEO -

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Google SEO -

Google the following:
city of titans

phoenix project
are working just fine.

This is more of an FYI - if you wish to maintain this domain I would suggest doing some search engine optimization.

Now some of you will say, why don't you just type that into the address bar?
I've been in Tech Support and NOC's for over 20 years(both business class and residential) and one thing I've learned in the way of human habits is:
People use Google instead of the Address bar.
People also exclusively use the Google search box in IE, Firefox, and Chrome.
Some of them actually believe that they are one in the same and both do the same thing...since you can put a "word" into the address bar and it will try to resolve a DNS Entry from what you typed and if it fails, will send you to your default search engine.

It adds another click to their search and it doesn't make any sense...but they do it.
Perhaps they don't trust themselves to type it in correctly and want to click on a Link.

Who knows = people are strange.


Tamorand = (Tahm-o-rand) This name originated from the days of Ultima Online. My first character was a Tamer and a Minstrel and an Archer and a Mage - I couldn't figure out a name to portray all skills in a single word. Hence **Tamer + And ** /shrug

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yeah found that kind of

yeah found that kind of strange. I use Yahoo but assume the concept still applies. Although cityoftitans and brought up the website on the top but typing in city of titans the website was no where to be found BUT plenty of Tennesee Titans stuff.

But on yahoo, with the old site of missing world- world missing, missing wold, wold missing, missingworld, missing world all brought up the website there on both.

But given that as asearch engine Google is probably more popular, you may found a very very important problem.