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Giant Growth

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Giant Growth

So, I know that growth powers will be limited due to the fact that not every doorway can let you through. but is there another way to make an ant-man or atom, or giganta in the game with another way? like is it possible to not allow growth in certain areas? or can they be represented by melee area affect powers where your character grows, stomps the ground, and shrinks back to normal size? as long as every possible comic book power is included, and if they're not just for show, i don't mind restrictions that come with it.

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Well, if you are expecting

Well, if you are expecting "every possible comic book power" to be are going to be let down. Not a game on earth could do that. IIRC they aren't going to have size-altering powers to the lengths you are talking about. The only re-sizing you'll be able to do will be changing costumes which will have a timer/cooldown so you can't spam it.

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I imagine that there could be

I imagine that there could be a scenario or mission or something that will use a growth or shrink mechanic. That would be pretty cool.[br]
Imagine entering a mad scientist's lair and getting hit with a shrink ray, and all the opponents we face will be cockroaches and stuff and the sub-boss would be a rat. I imagine the room design would be fun too for that.[br]
Conversely, when you break through to the final boss, he reverses the ray and becomes a giant and the team has to use that ray on themselves and stomp across his island fighting him, swatting down helicopters and stomping on battle tanks and submarines.

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Hmm, Champions did have that

Hmm, Champions did have that one scenario where you got to drive a giant fighting-mech, but that was a specific environment and not a case of being able to take it 'downtown' and wow the kiddies with your gigantic-ness.

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