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Gauntlet L.O.V.E. da kidz!

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Gauntlet L.O.V.E. da kidz!

As a parent of kids that play MMO's, we generally agree that "bad guys"(NPC mobs) get defeated rather than killed.

(You try explaining to a 5 year old why my "superman" just keeled all those guys!)

Would it be possible that bad guys end up in an arrest position, such as kneeling with hands behind back instead of rag dolled into the local scenery? (If they do some ragdolling first, then roll up into position would be cool too.)

Just a thought.
May help with that Rating later on too. :)

Hmmmm.... Might be issues with that in open zones, but what if you were the Team Leader
and before you started a Mission, you can specify that NPC's be arrested in that way.
But its the Team Leaders decision. :/