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Name: Bruno Champa
Alias: Gødfather
Height: 5'6
Weight: 340

Background: Bruno has a Sicilian mother and Italian father. Throughout his entire life he wasn't more than beggar all way into his 60's. During WWII he was wounded almost mortally while trying to loot stores and shops. As he was lay bleeding he was given a chance to live, and gave soul to become the embodiment of greed, along with giving him life he was plagued with kleptomania that borders on the psychotic.

Powers: Ability to become invisible, Can see the worth of any item, and even the self worth others have on themselves, making him able to manipulate people based on their insecurities. There is a bit of a Midas touch, able to take something and adjust its value though in reality its much more like a form a alchemy and deterioration. With the ability to take something like cardboard and literally make it worth its weight in gold. And rust away metal into nothingness.
Bruno is strong enough to flip and dent cars, and fast enough to run 30 mph.
He has the ability to transport himself to the underworld, where he keeps most of the things that he has acquired over the years.

Bruno looks like a portly man in his 60's with graying hair down the sides. A small balding ponytail on his head.


--Formerly Jorortis--

Note: Jorortis is still a character of mine and is still going to be in the super group, not Demirus, at least not yet...