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FX vs Framework vs Damage

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FX vs Framework vs Damage

So it sounds like you have a lot of plans for casting powers from different places but within the archetype..

If I take a archetype like "Archery" but want to shoot electric arrows.. is there a plan to make this possible, visibly? What If I want my arrows to also deal electric damage?

Can my whip be used to shoot Fireballs? Psychic Fireballs?

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The effects of my character are likely going to be found in the telepathic controller set but I want the powers to look like radio waves (like a Sonic Set) and deal electric damage. Are the three systems going to be divorce-able?

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Considering the example for

Considering the example for the power creation system was using Fire and being able to deliver it from various locations, as well as channelling flames with martial arts moves or using a sword, the answer to your questions would be yes.