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In future, will the avatar builder be available standalone?

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In future, will the avatar builder be available standalone?

I deeply enjoy playing with avatar builders in these games, and that was perhaps the most painful part of COH being gone. Heck even when the game is available, I would love to have that one part downloaded to play with offline (during flights and stuff, or just when my internet is acting up)... But I guess what I'm trying to ask is, when the game eventually goes away, will we in some way retain access to the avatar builder?

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Part of what took us so long

Part of what took us so long to get to this stage is our license- we had to release a full game (or at least something that would be eventually patched into the full game) or nothing at all.

That said, we've mentioned before having a contigency plan for offline play if we ever reach a point that we have to "shut the game down" like many MMO's do. It's something we've kept in mind, but at this stage we've barely begun- it's far too early to be planning for our shutdown.

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On the note of offline play,

On the note of offline play, there has been discussion of a chargen app or other standalone, but our engine license states that we have to launch the full game first.

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