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Free Art Requests

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Darth Delicious
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Free Art Requests

Hi there! I'm Darth Delicious, also know as DeeDee. I've been a Veteran City of Heroes player and I'm an artist (amongst other things )
I'm mostly active in the Media Sharing part of these forums

Many of you have found your way to the Art forums (as we call them) already, but I know there are a lot more players out here who like art, but never actually thought about getting their characters drawn.

Here's your chance to get your character drawn for free!
Visit the Art Request Thread and put up your request.

- please read the instructions in the first post -

Also, on occasion we hold contests in where you can win a drawing of your character (or someone elses).
And we love collaborating on an art piece. (one artist draws, the other puts in basic colors and another one puts in more details, etc.) So, a lot of awesome can happen for a little effort from your part.

Here are a couple of examples of stuff that already happend;

Hope to see you there!


Check my Deviant Art page for more artz!

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Yup, it's Awesome! *grin*

Yup, it's Awesome! *grin*

Be Well!

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What about a new CoT Logo?

What about a new CoT Logo?

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