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Forum users banned.

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DJ Dee
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Forum users banned.

I know quite a few users woke up today banned and not knowing why. IP banned at that. Lord Nightmare and Rotten Luck as well as a few others. They were given no reason and just out and out banned. Can this be clearified as to why so I can at least tell them.

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As far as i am aware, this is

As far as i am aware, this is *not* against them personally...

Just that some of the new security stuff that has been implemented for the website has caused a problem. One of the developers has been affected as well on his work IP.

Forum problems thread currently post 26ish was where I found out about this.


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Zombie Man
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I haven't banned anyone from

I haven't banned anyone from CityOfTitans.... YET!!!!!!


Although, we did have a thread or two sent to the cornfield.

So, yeah, the account blocks were just glitches.

If you don't put your password in correctly, you only get three attempts, then auto-deactivation (this may include not answering the math question captcha).

And with all this intermittent loading issues, that may be setting off the security deactivation.

email me at

if you have account issues.

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You can also write a mail at:

You can also write a mail at:

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