Twitch Upcoming!

We're delaying our Twitch till AFTER a very specific KS update. You'll know what one, we'll talk about the twitch in the update. We need all hands to get this one ready.
Which still means something good is coming.

Rotty's stream ended.
Check him out at right here

First Day0 patch

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First Day0 patch

Well, as with anything, a test launch, using our old Clicky Cape April Fools joke of years back, ran into issues. It worked well when we tested it, but when a few hundred people all slammed the server with a myriad of browsers I'd never even heard of, issues erupted.

So, we just did our first patch!

Issues we know about and are still working on:

Loading bar does not vanish under Chrome.
Edge does not load at all reliable
IE, please, who is using this, honestly? *looks into the crowd*

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