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Filters (make things your kind of pretty)

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Filters (make things your kind of pretty)

Just a short post

What if there was an option in the options menu where you could apply a filter into your game, just like Sim City. You would be able to change the typical city streets into lense flare all over the place, vibrant colours, high contrast with one setting. On the other hand you could go sepia or black and white, or washed out colours? What are your thoughts on this?

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Im extremely interested in

Im extremely interested in the possibilty of a black and white or sepia button, or maybe atleast an old school super hero inspired mission where everything looks old school. Envisioning every episode from TV shows that had black and white flash back episodes!!

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I could see a lot of use for

I could see a lot of use for that feature, both by the devs in creating content and by players personalizing their own experience. However, I don't think that should be a launch concern, rather a project for a letter issue.

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