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Fashionista question

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Fashionista question


This is probably a cross between a pledge question and an dev question, but here goes...

I wanted to pledge at the Fashionista level, but unfortunately I have just had too many large expenses this year (and I have two kids, etc.). I am still backing the project though, and I might add mogul.

My question is, to help make me feel better, I am wondering if there would or could be a "Fashionista" type game feature permanently a part of the final game?

You see, the main reason I wanted this was because I was often frustrated by that one missing costume piece that was missing to make something really work. It was fun to play with the costume creator for hours to a point, but after that it can start getting annoying.

It could work like this:
* You want a costume piece or pieces made, and you pay a fee to work with the artists to make it
* A lower fee makes the final piece available to anyone, a higher price could make it exclusive for a time
* This could be a good source of income for the game
* This would be another way to effectively "surpass" the original COX costume creator
* Supergroups / villain groups (or just friends) could commission parts made to be a "uniform" or similar
* Could potentially also work for buildings and other objects

I would certainly not be looking to undermine the value of the contribution of those able to actually do the Fashionista as a pledge, but at the same time it would be a great game feature that I don't think I have heard any other game that did that.



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I was one of many who

I was one of many who suggested something along these lines back in the CoH forums. Seems like the topic came up every few months for years there. Ultimately I can kind of understand why it never happened back then given the semi-ridged corporate nature of CoH. But maybe since this new game is a grassroots coalition of devoted fans they'll be more open to letting us submit costume ideas for inclusion into the game.

Frankly since they're already offering to do it for the Kickstarter it would seem very weird for them to be unwilling to ever do it again. As you say it'd be a win-win for everyone in the long run - players get items they want and the game gets extra lumps of money for the effort.

Here's hoping this becomes a reality once the game launches...

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