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Fall Dowwwwwn

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Fall Dowwwwwn

“When my people speak of The Fall, usually they don’t mean the season of colorful leaves.”

Real Name: True Name kept carefully hidden

Established Aliases: Lili Lost; Lilita Perdita

Alignment: Chaotic Good (Lawful Evil until recently)

* Numerous fallen angels of her order continue to serve Hell, but she is no longer on speaking terms with them

*Former Acquisitions agent for Hell
*Former bodyguard for Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye

Base of Operations: None. Stays on the move to avoid enemies.

Identity: Apart from her True Name, Lili has never kept any important secrets. However, most people in technological societies are unlikely to believe her claim to be a real fallen angel. Those who do believe Lili’s origin are unlikely to believe that she has reformed.

Citizenship: Refugee from Hell

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Wandering hero. Until recently, Acquisition agent and combat trainer for Hell. Briefly, conjured bodyguard for Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye.

Gender: Female

Age: Older than the physical universes. When humans first appeared on Earth, Lili was there to collect individuals who tried to evade their Hellish contracts.

Height: 5 ft 11 inches
Weight: 140 lbs
Eyes: Purple
Teeth: Sharp pearly white (in illustrations, should appear similar to Nightcrawler’s)
Skin: Light grey
Hair: Medium grey, but iridesces green/purple like a peacock’s tail
Wings: Covered with medium grey feathers that iridesce green/purple like a peacock’s tail
Note: Lili’s order lacks horns

Ethnicity: Fallen Angel

Origin: Fallen Angel; Over 13 billion years of experience with melee combat


Lili does not recall anything before The Fall.

Once the hierarchy of Hell organized, Lili followed the great majority of her martial order into the army. Although not overwhelmingly powerful in the great scheme of things, Lili did have a special knack for melee combat, and a taste for the hunt. Thus, she spent some time in Hell’s special forces, and then a great deal more time in the Acquisitions Department, repossessing unwilling clients. Like all devils, Lili also learned a great deal about torture, though that was never her primary task. Eventually, she became a formidable expert in hammer-and-shield combat, and spent most of her time between acquisition missions training others.

Lili was always too direct and honest to be a great bargainer, and for this reason received standing orders not to start contract negotiations on her own initiative. However, mortal magicians would conjure her sometimes to take advantage of her martial skills, and in those cases she would accept souls offered freely in exchange for service.

As an immortal spirit, Lili thought that she had seen it all. When Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye summoned her, she did not bat an eye at the strange stipulations in the contract. Other mages had tried various tricks, magical and otherwise, and always she had returned to Hell with “profit.” No potion could produce love in a creature committed to hate; and the magical helmet that might reverse a mortal’s ethical and moral compass would never work on someone literally composed of evil.

Well, Sigurd may have seemed like just another wizard, but he had taken the time to learn Lili’s True Name before attempting his treachery. To her great surprise, Lili found that both the helmet and the potion took effect as Sigurd intended.

To be free from Hell after many billions of years may have been an unparalleled relief, but to find herself madly in love with a selfish and manipulative man represented punishment of a different kind. The contract became void with Lili’s transformation, and Sigurd had intended the grateful and doting fallen angel to become his faithful protector. He failed to anticipate that Lili might decide to pursue her destiny elsewhere.

Of course, there was much to love about Sigurd. Lili admired the prodigious talent, the vaulting ambition, the sarcastic dry wit, and not least of all, the bishi good looks. But with her new eyes she saw also that he would never care for her as a person; she would be forever only a useful tool. Also, Sigurd’s moral trajectory surely would carry him to a very uncomfortable afterlife, and Lili could not bear to watch this outcome unfold before her eyes.

Since leaving Sigurd, Lili has been trying to find her place in the multiverse. Whatever may have come before, now she is committed to promoting random acts of kindness and senseless beauty. Who would WANT to return to Hell anyway?

At the same time, the weight of Lili’s bad karma cannot be denied. How does one atone for billions of years of dedicated evil? Lili remains a FALLEN angel. Even her “redemption” was artificial, and technically against her will.

Lili has been trying to find answers to these, and many other questions, and allies who might help her quest for independence. Sadly, few are willing to trust her, much less help her; while Hell likely will send Acquisitions agents to take her back.

Most recently, Lili has been watching Team Aether. Blue accepted Sigurd’s runaway clone, Blake Sigurdsson, as an apprentice. Maybe he might help Lili too? Secretly, Lili hopes that Blue may know a way to redeem Sigurd himself, though she also chides herself for holding onto unrealistic dreams.

For his part, Blue is very slow to trust a supposedly reformed devil, and wonders whether Sigurd might be spinning a plot against him. Blake lives in terror of Sigurd, and suspects that Lili is on a mission “recover” him.

Powers & Abilities:


*Does not need to eat, drink, sleep, breathe, or use the restroom, but can if she wants to

*Low superhuman ability scores across the board, with an emphasis on agility and reaction speed
(strong enough to easily neck-lift almost any human with one hand)

*Low resistance to most forms of damage

*Low healing factor

*All senses just a bit more acute than possible for normal humans

*Perfect night vision (even in total darkness)

*Fingernails strong and sharp enough to use as knives (though Lili keeps them pretty short)

*Winged flight

Masterful Melee Fighter
*Literally more than 13 billion years of experience wielding hammer and shield
*Almost as many billions of years of experience teaching melee combat
*Also proficient with unarmed combat, swords, knives, whips, nets, and compound bows

Experienced Tracker
*Literally billions of years of finding people who REALLY don’t want to be found
*Lili does this mostly through skill, rather than supernatural powers; but she does know a few magic tricks to help find the most elusive prey

Experienced Torturer
*Lili currently hates this part of her past, and is VERY unlikely to use these skills directly again; however, she can still apply the theoretical knowledge to intimidate people who may not know of or believe her change of heart.

*Universal Translator: Can communicate with any intelligent being

Supernatural Powers
*Various, but weak and limited mainly to support, travel, and information gathering

Items of Power

*Currently, Lili fights with the magical hammer, “Firefly,” and the magical shield, “Edge of Night.”

*Lili still carries the magical rope of her order, but she mostly uses it as a tool out of combat, rather than as a binding whip in combat.

*Lili still wears the armor of her order, though it is more ceremonial than functional, only slightly augmenting her superhuman resistance to injury; the armor does resist corrosion, wear, and hostile environments far better than mortal-forged armor, however.

A tall woman with light grey skin; chiseled features; a lean, sculpted physique; hair and feathered wings that iridesce from green to purple and back again; and fierce purple eyes.

Lili carries herself with the confidence and efficiency of a veteran soldier. She does not so much walk, as slide from one martial stance into another. Always alert, she scans the environment, and everything in it, for threats. People find her attention unnerving, as she openly evaluates their strengths and weaknesses.

Lili’s armor is forged of a brassy metal, and enameled in purple and green to match her hair and wings. Mortals tend to describe the resulting color clash as “gaudy,” “horrific,” or “eye-watering.” It’s not clear whether Lili enjoys the aesthetics of the armor itself, or its effect on people.

True Name very secret. Otherwise, Lili doesn’t bother hiding anything, other than her present location, sometimes. Whether people believe what she says is another question...

RP Questions

1) What emotion best describes your character? Joy

2) What emotion does your character evoke in others? Fear

3) What does your character need most? A life path to call her own

4) What is your character's goal in life? To find a place for herself while helping people along the way

5) How does your character believe this goal can be accomplished? “Seek and ye shall find.”

6) Where did your character come from? Hell (Lili does not remember anything before The Fall)

7) When did your character grow up? When she hit bottom (in Hell)

8) What values does your character hold? People should be free to pursue their own destinies, unless that interferes with someone else's destiny; tyrants and bullies deserve a taste of their own medicine; variety is the spice of life

9) How does your character dress? Garish purple/green/brassy light armor

10) What are your character's means? Her tools and the armor on her back; has no money

11) What are your character's personal tastes? Enjoys color combinations that humans find revolting; Still gets a rush from martial arts training/workouts; Can’t get over how good she feels when helping people

12) What are your character's opinions? Distrusts authority and tradition; Has come to hate bullies of all sorts; Tries not to be judgmental of other people because, “You never know who might still be redeemed.”

13) What's your character's comfort zone? A martial arts dojo, or a flower garden full of fireflies

14) Who has had the biggest impact on your character's life? Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye

15) What are some of your character's unexpected quirks? Has developed a taste for root beer; Loves to watch sappy romantic comedies

16) What kind of story does your character belong in? Cosmic; Urban Fantasy; High Fantasy

17) What role does your character fill? Martial artist; Nemesis of bullies; Supporting Cast; Tragic Hero

18) What should the other players know about your character? Free spirit who tries to follow her conscience, but still unsure where that may lead

19) What is your playstyle? Cautious and thoughtful; mostly prefers to help others shine, but very protective of friends and allies; on rare occasions likes to cut loose with flashy powers; prefers to find a happy medium between detailed planning and improvisation

20) How do you want your character to die? “You shall not pass!”

21) Music that inspired the concept for your character

Nina Gordon: “Tonight and the Rest of My Life” (interpret through the lens of Paradise Lost)

Delerium: “Euphoria (Firefly)”

22) Quotes

“Where I come from, every woman calls herself Lilith, or Lili, or something like that, sooner or later.”

“You think you’re bad, huh? Well, I’ve been making really bad men cry for their mommas since before the pyramids went up. Maybe you should put the gun down instead?”

“They say that Hell hath no Fury like a woman scorned. Question my dedication to this mission again, and I shall become that woman, and that Fury.”

“If you let go of the hostage, then you can leave too; but if you hurt him, then I’ll spend the next week peeling your face off with my fingernails. Your call. (toothy grin)”

“I’m not evil anymore, really! You have to believe me! Lives are at stake!”

“Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye, you are a smug, egotistical, unscrupulous bastard! I’ve dragged better men screaming back to the Pit every week for more years than there are stars in the sky. I hate you so much! Now why can’t I just forget you? (frowns and hits head on wall)”

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur.