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The Experts

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The Experts

I was fiddling around with hero ideas the other day and came up with an idea for a super-group where none of the members have actual innate powers but rather have nearly superhuman expertise at some skill, usually a weapon or fighting technique. The weapons themselves may or may not have extraordinary abilities.

Team name: The Experts
Concept: A group of heroes who are all normal humans, but who have trained to the level of weapon masters. Founded by the teen heroine Satet after being hassled and mocked for not having super powers by some (not particularly mature) members of the first teen hero team she tried joining.

Founder: Satet
Layla Martin was born of an American father and Egyptian mother, Layla lived in Cairo until she was 10, when her family moved to Titan City. As a child in Cairo she was introduced to archery by her uncle, a devotee of the art. Even after moving, she kept up her practicing. Now 16, the bow is like an extension of her own body. Her first exposure to using her archery skills for more than just the enjoyment of the art came when walking home from practice. A block or so away she saw one of her classmates being attacked by a pair of rough looking young men. As they tried to drag her friend into a waiting van, Layla sprang into action, using blunt practice arrows to knock the assailants down and hunting arrows to pin them there and puncture the van's tires, all in the space of a few seconds. She and her classmate, Claire, then fled the scene.
With the gleeful assistance of Claire, Layla designed a costume and took the name of the Egyptian goddess of the hunt, archery and protection. She finds heroing much better practice for her archery skills, not to mention more fun. Claire is her confidant, new best friend, and occasional assistant.

I came up with like 5 other weapon master heroes as well, but I'll not spam everyone with them right now. :D