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Empowerment Event Help

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Empowerment Event Help

Hey All!

I was stumped as to creating a sort of lore abiding in universe kind of scandal or event, possibly involving a shell company of an organization in CoT, that led to the empowerment of children in a suburb or hospital, etc like event.

This would be similar to the the Nuclear 98 in CoH, the Roxxon Incident in Cloak and Dagger, Meta Gene Experimentation in Young Justice, etc.

Thoughts or ideas? Potential powers provided would also help as well~

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Well Edentech and Tyrosine

Well Edentech and Tyrosine are their Crey so that's an easy one.

Gluon generator fails and it's particles effect a scientist who can now reassemble his atomic structure at will.

(I have a thing for gluons lately, they're underused I think)

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What about some kind of

What about some kind of exotic germ experiment that was really a plot to release and test germ warfare? Perhaps Vril secretly working with Tyrosine, Vril make virus, Tyrosine makes cure and hiccup creates powers?

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I'm partial to celestial

I'm partial to celestial events.
A comet bursts in near earth orbit bathing half the planet in mutagenic radiation.
A star goes nova and bathes the entire earth in an unknown stellar radiation...

but a more earthly cause:
a super fight at a Tyrosine chemical plant, sets off explosions and fires ripping through the plant...mixing various toxic chemicals and creating a cloud that winds sweep over the city...creating supers. The corp has no idea what chemicals were mixed as they were storing illegal weapons grade stuff and deliberately kept no records.

Dr Tyche sent another giant experimental robot into the city. It was destroyed as he expected but the tests came back positive and he was pleased with the result. "And the heroes thought they won, HA!" What he never did learn was the burning hulk super-heated the new lubricant he used--it exploded and mixed with the hydraulic fluids and vaporized. 15 city blocks were exposed to a strange gas that caused a rash in most but gave others...super powers!
~~Had the good doctor paid attention he could have a formula that would make an army of supers! But he got the data he wanted, and never followed up.

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I generally write my

I generally write my empowerment incidents as much more personal and individual. Not 'There was a mysterious flash and everyone in the neighborhood turned special.'

One story I wrote did have a large gas-main explosion and sinkhole, which my character responded to and discovered that she was special. Actually, the emergency event had little or nothing to do with activating her specialness, that was coincidental.

I have characters who Trained until they were special(er) and some who simply 'survived' until they were special enough. Some were born with special-ness, while others searched until they found it. One character was 'made' special by bad people and another was 'created' to be special, by bad people. So, in each case, the special-event was singular and personal, rather than a case of 'everyone who survived the experience' being special, as a result. Several of my characters did experience 'we're ALL gonna DIE!' moments, during which their special abilities expresssed. Some of my characters were exposed to god-like energies or taken to extra-dimensional realms, where they learned to unlock their inner specialness or Both.

All, 'special' by reason of personal experiences and personal choices. And, in almost every case, their special abilities come from Within them. They are self-contained and self-actualized, not simply users of the 'Ring of Power', or 'Crystal Magic Stick'. Although I do have one who was exposed to ancient Earth-Powers and became, effectively, a 'pilot' for magical 'mecha', but she was a very special person, even before she was empowered, before she was accepted as a champion.

Cyclops stated an appreciation for Celestial events, with a secondary suggestion of industrial/biological accidents. My own preference seems to be for 'Mythological' origins, often with the mythology re-interpreted or re-created for my own purposes. I enjoy picking a Trope and then turning it inside-out, although I would Never have considered 'sparkle-vampires'!

So, I don't think I can assist with empowering 'everyone in the house'... or, random thought... A Movie Theatre. Wednesday-afternoon Matinee. Something odd about the projector, the film, or just a 'specialness-bomb' set off in the theatre, but it gives everyone who saw the movie that time, or perhaps just a few of them, some cinematic special abilities.

Mmm, I did read, somewhere, about a guy whose special ability was to animate and empower movie-things... set up a projector to show 'Attack of the 50-foot Woman', then cause the image to walk off the screen and rampage through town. In that fiction, the only way to stop him was to unplug the projector.

No idea what his 'Empowerment Event' was, though. I think it was usually 'genetic', or some other in-born factor, in that fiction.

So, there I go, Movie Theatre Empowerment Event, but no suggestions for the 'How' or 'What'.

Be Well!

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The Cinemaniac, from

The Cinemaniac, from Velveteen vs. The Crossover, in Team-Ups & Crossovers? ^_^

Alas, I have no idea how people get their powers in the Velvetverse.

In the Astraverse/Atlas Parallel, individual high-stress events may produce a single breakthrough, and a stadium full of people subjected to a potentially deadly hallucinogen might produce many (most of them likely Nightmares). Not sure how that helps 'Toria's OP question, but...

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Foradain wrote:
Foradain wrote:

The Cinemaniac, from Velveteen vs. The Crossover, in Team-Ups & Crossovers? ^_^

That's the maniac in question, yup. Here's some reference materials regarding Velveteen's universe:

'Nightmare Breakthrough', in "Wearing the Cape", means you become something 'super'... Super-awful, horrifying, nasty, and often terminal. The 'aerosol hallucinogen at the stadium', that Foradain refers to created several super-powered Monsters and thousands died, trampled, Eaten, or clawing their own eyes out. The 'Zombie Apocalypse' would be like a sorority party, compared to what those people went through.
On the other hand, one of the survivors was a young boy who became 'Ozma'! Uum, yes, he became a fictional character. Ultra-powerful Magical Princess of Oz. Which the villain that perpetrated that caper considered a 'Good Result'.

Really, if you live in Astra's world, you Don't want to do drugs! You might wake up as Swamp Thing. You might wake up as a swarm of mutant cockroaches, desperately trying to get your 'mind' back together, after somebody turned on the lights. You might become a super-intelligent shade of blue.

I really do suggest that each 'Empowerment Event' be uniquely appropriate to each character. Alternately, you'd have the Fantastic Four, all uniquely empowered by a storm of cosmic radiation.

Be Well!